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Possible Winter Camo?

Article about: Greetings collector friends, I picked this lid up yesterday on E bay, Iím not good with this type of camo at all but it was so cheap that I thought I would take a punt on it. On looking at i

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    A really nice one Daniel.

    What does does it look like inside?


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    Circuit advertisement Possible Winter Camo?
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    Very good, was in deep clay from the video and rinsed straight away. Liner, strap and everything pretty much as it was when it fell. I’ll post some pics but I’m only just working out the forum processes.

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    That’s a nice well preserved one.


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    Iíll get some next week. I wasnít going to post these as I only joined yesterday and didnít think Iíd post anything.

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    Yes, itís one of only a few that is actually on video being discovered, it was this that got me hooked, my first helmet. I have goosebumps watching it and glancing over at it in my lounge. There is another video taken at this location, meters away and they discover what I believe is a T34 of some series buried. The helmet and mortar boxes, mg rounds etc found with the helmet and the Russian debris suggest it was full on combat at the time.

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    Hey Daniel and welcome to the forum chum. Great helmet and superb footage. Thanks very much for sharing it.

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    MAP is online now


    Quote by Danielsharp View Post

    I myself am really not much of a relic helmet collector but I would certainly make an exception for this one without a second thought.

    Great video. Amazing finds!
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Folks, any final comments re the helmet that started this thread. Is it felt that it started life as a snow Camo and has been messed with (if so to what degree). Or is a total mock up?. Is there any merit in giving this a bath in oxilic acid?

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