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Possibly ripped off?

Article about: Thanks Carl, I have sent Adrian a message but will pm you also. Thanks, Caleb.

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    First of all, please everybody remember that there are two sides to a story and I don't want to see a virtual lynch mob mentality for someone who may not have actually done anything wrong. All the facts should be in place before any judgment is passed. The seller has the opportunity to contact Caleb, a Moderator or post here which I hope will happen.

    We are not here to do any character assassinations but to resolve the issue. If you can't help or offer any suggestions relating to this case, please refrain from posting.

    Secondly it highlights the reason it is not advised to buy anything from a new member or one who hasn't posted or made themselves known on the forum. I'm not saying that this will prevent any potential scam but it is important for the buyer to be confident in who they're dealing with. Ask questions either on the forum or in private. The forum staff can help but we are limited in what we can do and certainly don't have any legal powers to retrieve money. We can only advise and point members in the right direction.

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    so there would be no issue to for thses items to be posted to where you live, i wouldent think so.

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    I agree, and i tried to highlight my own uncertainty in the matter and te fact i didnt want to make accusations.


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    Just out of interest would you normally get charged any kind of Australian import duty on goods of value USD $200? I ask because I want to send a badge to a friend in NSW which has an insurance value of circa USD $900-1000 and I will need to fill out the customs form.
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    Remember: Paypal has got a 45 day limit (from the day you made the payment) for filing disputes... you'd probably still have a few options to have this reversed but in the case of disputes I always make sure to stay well within this limit.

    It would also be good to remember, if for nothing else than your future reference, that delays can and will happen to ANY item mailed over greater distances, regardless if it's got a swastika on there or not. I had an item take 2 months reaching me earlier this year, it ***** but items usually arrive in the end...

    That said, I do understand that the no reply from the seller is what's of concern, I would have taken action as well. Good luck!

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    Last comment, there has been times when I've had to go to my local post office to sign and pick up a international package. You may wont to check with them.

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    It turns out the seller is a long term member of good reputation who has completed many trouble free transactions here.

    Look back to my post #31 and don't trash anyone if you don't know them, who they are and don't post on threads like this if you can't help.

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    That's why some postal services give the option of tracking your package by its bar code.Now i see that this can be very helpful in situations like this one.Hope everything turns out ok Collector121096

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    "It turns out the seller is a long term member of good reputation who has completed many trouble free transactions here."

    I'm sure there will be a simple and honest explanation for the delay, lets's not lynch anybody!...
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