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Possibly ripped off?

Article about: Thanks Carl, I have sent Adrian a message but will pm you also. Thanks, Caleb.

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    Default Possibly ripped off?

    I don't want to name names, I am not the kind of person to make allegations, but I brought 2 helmets from the classifieds of this forum, I paid a little over $300 and still haven't received them, I brought them over 6 weeks ago now, I have sent emails to said person, infact I have sent about 4 and have not received a reply. If this person reads this, please don't think I'm accusing you of anything but could you please reply to my emails, I'm just worried, like said in a previous thread, I am only 16 and between school and study I struggle to earn money let alone collect. Any suggestions here?

    Like I said I'm not making accusations, I'm just a bit worried now.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Circuit advertisement Possibly ripped off?
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    Default Re: Possibly ripped off?

    You should contact a Moderator and tell him about this issue.

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    Default Re: Possibly ripped off?

    If you paid by paypal you could also contact them and explain it. They would put a hold on the payment his side and you could open a case online which would get you his money back.

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    Default Re: Possibly ripped off?

    Quote by Little Mermaid View Post
    You should contact a Moderator and tell him about this issue.
    Christina is right.
    Contacting a Mod is the best thing to do.

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    Default Re: Possibly ripped off?

    How do I contact a moderator?


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    Default Re: Possibly ripped off?

    Moderators names are in green.You can see who is online at the bottom of the main page, I believe. All Mods are dedicated to specific forums, but any will help you.

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    Default Re: Possibly ripped off?

    Hi Caleb, I hope this works out well for you. As others have said contact a moderator and if you paid with paypal open a dispute with them.

    Best wishes


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    Default Re: Possibly ripped off?

    If you did use Paypal I would open a dispute sooner than later. After this amount of time the sooner the better.
    Good luck ! I hope you get this sorted out very soon.


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    Default Re: Possibly ripped off?

    Thanks guys, I am going to be gutted if I have been stolen from, it took may absolutely ages to save for them and I have been so excited.... Lesson learnt I guess (if this is the case)

    Thank you all,

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    Default Re: Possibly ripped off?


    I will make a note within the moderators section for you. Hopefully somebody will be able to assist soon enough. Please send me any relevant details via private message.


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