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Post your luft lids!

Article about: Here is mine. My first ever TR lid... M35 Q66. I really need to get around to taking better quality pics of the thing...

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    Thanks for the compliments Dean and Todd. Here are 3 Lufties w/decals exposed. The first two are vet - direct via Dave Shirlin. The paint around eagle is one of the few real ones out there and a style oft copied by fakers. The DAK is a true DAK taken by an American Merchant Marine in North Africa from a German POW who was interned there for a pack of cigarettes. The British net is oh so fragile and original to the helmet so I am loathe to handle it as I have damaged it. The paint is the correct pinkish tan with green spray and painted around decal. The liner rotted out and this liner was refurbed to it by Dave. The last is your classic Normandy 3 color with a painted around and over then cleaned off decal ( not liberated ).

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    Great Doug! I love that tranny with the M27 leather, rare to see any kind of tranny luft and that is a beauty. I actually lack a lufty, but that is to be remedied.

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    Id kill to acquire a direct vet helmet. Dave seems to find them all.

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    Here's a camo with two decals left revealed
    It's an NS.

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    And here's an ET straightleg painted around , tricolor overpainted.

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    Also harder to find , a single decal M35 reissue. This one is a Quist.

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    One more , a Luftwaffe woodchip camo.
    SE I believe.

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    Some really great Luft helmets in this thread.

    Frank, that last one of yours is SE or hkp for sure.


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    Superb examples Frank!

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    Here is my salty SD M40 luftwaffe helmet. Not in the best shape, but it was my first German lid and I picked it up cheap. Nice helmets everyone!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Post your luft lids!   Post your luft lids!  

    Post your luft lids!   Post your luft lids!  

    Post your luft lids!  

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