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Price range for "plain vanilla" stahlhelm??

Article about: Yeah definatly hit up the dealer sites, you will soon start to get to know the general pricing for certain lids and what tends to add money or take it away. Helmet collecting isnt the cheape

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    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    It sounds to me like this hobby is pretty expensive in Europe...
    Everything is expensive here in the UK at the moment!

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    Circuit advertisement Price range for "plain vanilla" stahlhelm??
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    Interesting thread fellows. The Guild is a fairly good benchmark, but I have to agree that they are a bit pricey. But afterall it's what the market will bear and the buyer will pay. Value is very subjective based on the individual that wants the item. I do agree that the Estand is another fairly good place to look at values. Like one poster mentioned and I think it's a great point, virtually all German helmets are unique in some form or fashion. This dynamic makes value just a little tougher to figure out. I always wrestle with value from the point of purchase down to the helmets I sell on my website. There are times that I will list a helmet and think it may be a touch high and it sells in 5 minutes. Then there are helmets that I feel are priced really well that sit. Determining values is always somewhat challenging. I am finding the market is soft on the more common pieces, but the choice condition pieces are still commanding top dollar. Just some thoughts here on pricing.

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