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A quick question regarding this CAMO work....legit or post-war?

Article about: Recently i've stubled into this helmet, having this long term fantasy to own a M17. I'm pretty positive that the helmet is ok, but what about the camo paint? Is it genuine or a post war impr

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    It doesn't give me the two second good feeling upon seeing it. Not saying it is bad or fake but it lacks something that would make it a one looker.
    I bet it will be cheap but for your own enjoyment I would search for a better example.

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    Circuit advertisement A quick question regarding this CAMO work....legit or post-war?
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    I'd be tempted by this lid, regarding the paint around the rear liner pin hole, if the pin was only slightly loose the paint would seep under the liner pin head!...
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    Expect at least $1,200+ for a nice one with a liner,
    and about half that - or even less - without.
    I wouldn't go higher than $350-$400 for
    an empty, faded shell.........


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    It looks good to me friend.
    There is wear at the rear rivet hole.
    The wear around the rim is consistent.
    The wear to the paint is right not contrived.
    The $400.00 mark is about right.

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    Go for it! The more I look at it, the more I like it.( and I am not trying to waste your money!!) Leon.
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