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Real or Fake

Article about: I have acquired some helmets and wanted to know if this is original or fake and how much is it worth.

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    The photos and this helmet clearly belong to another collector so stop trying to take everybody here on this forum for a ride!!

    What's the bet your next posts were going to be does anybody want to buy this helmet....?

    I'm sorry but unless like Doug asks you can post a photograph of this helmet sitting on todays newspaper with a clear date I don't think anbody is going to believe a word you say buddy.

    I am sorry if that comes across as harsh and I will apologise If the helmet is actually yours and you can show us photo's BUT I am sick of seeing people scammed and taken for fools.

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    Something smells like ................

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    Thank you Doug. I am so sorry, the fact is that I am not a collector and do not know what to do with these collectibles. I am really not interested in German collectibles and thought that I may be able to sell these collectibles. Perhaps, I should ask a collector or dealer to take them off my hands. Again, my sincere apologies to you and your collectors.

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    Please my friend collectors do not do any deals with this person .
    Be smart.
    Con man.

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    It is interesting that the originator of this never replied to or addressed Doug's request. It is evident that this was an attempted scam.


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    Man these guys are getting slimier everyday. Trying take to money from honest hardworking people. They might as well stick to robbing old women of their purses or stealing cars. I'm disgusted they would take us as fools! Well, not here, pal! Thanks to the mods and members here, nobody will be scammed this anyway.

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    This is a perfect example of when watermarking your photos pays off

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    Patience are for doctors, I'm not a doctor, so I have no patients. Last request, please post your grandfathers helmets using your photos with todays newspaper. What's your grandfathers name btw, he must be a collector that knows Tom, a friend of mine. Ill ask Tom who he sold the helmet to and for how much. But I bet it's not any relative of yours.

    Last call heroic, thanks.


    BTW is your name Pawel?

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    A screw it, after seeing your doing the same thing in several other forums I'll close this thread now and await your banning.

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    There are ants and roaches.....ants work hard for what they have and store food for the winter........ROACHES......just come along and take and eat what doesnt belong to them. There are sure alot of them around these days.
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