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Article about: Hi All- First time poster here. Recently bought this from an online dealer. Would love to get your thoughts on whether it is 100% authentic. I've uploaded a few pics below. Very much appreci

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    Quote by timothy View Post
    To me it is a nice SD M-40 helmet all complete and there agree with all no doubt Heer decal turning to toneing with age as a lot of them do. timothy
    If I look close enough I can see it may have Been a DD Heer Helmet. but it could just be my eyes and the light on the side of the helmet.

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    I do believe that the chin strap looks a little more "thick" than usual. Other than that, it looks like a good lid!

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    Like it, well done on your first one. Im sure it wont be your last !! You will have a shelf full before you know it.

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    A very nice looking single decal Heer lid.
    I am also a bit suss on the chinstrap, it looks a bit too thick, and those furry edges give cause for concern.


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    I would not recommend buying from this dealer. Been watching him closely for the last 2 years. He has sold dozens of fake camos on eBay as well as his website. A member of GHW2 sold him a liner, and he put the liner in a shell and sold it as "original" without mentioning the replaced liner! In addition, I have bought two helmets from him when he was starting out, and both turned out to be messed with, one had a recent bogus paint job. Two years ago he had a green camo for sale on his site, it sat for months until one day it was removed. The same helmet showed up again on his site not long after in a new camo pattern! I can't prove it since I didn't save the photos (A thread was started but later closed and the photos are now missing), but I know what I saw. I don't trust this guy. Just do a search for him on this forum or GHW2 and you will see what I'm talking about. If I were you I would return this helmet because you cannot trust the seller or his stories. Chinstrap is bad (The seller mentions this fact in the description).

    "The chinstrap is an aged reproduction with what I believe to be an original WW2 buckle re-sewn into the short end to try and fool people." - Seller

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    An interesting thread indicating a variety of opinions. It seems the consensus is the chin strap is a reproduction. As to the liner, most seem to think it is original to the helmet or at least period relined.
    An in hand examination will always show a piece at it's best or worse. Photos can not show everything and at times can be misleading. Good luck and enjoy the piece if you are comfortable with it.


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