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Is it real helmet?

Article about: Hello everyone i wanted to ask someone who is familliar with helmets is this helmet real? My grandfather found helmet in attic and im absolutely clueless if its legit. If it is what is an es

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    Quote by ynot View Post
    Well I'm not a WWII collector but I could see the liner wasn't right and the decals look wrong but the helmet shell is wrong too? I'll stick to what I know or at least what I think I know.

    Just look at the symmetry of the whole thing Tony, it's a grade A stinker!


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    no sorry it is not a real helmet.

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    The helmet is a repro made in China. Not sure when these were made but not worth much at all to any collector.

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    Oh my god... Maybe we have discovered the elusive seller who - on eBay, trades helmets which he knows nothing about which once belonging to 'grand-dad.' That elusive source of FJ M38's which were 'brought back from France'... " But as I know nothing about these, I am starting the bidding low at 200."
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    There was a seller at a local show selling two of these Chinese copies as DD SS for about a thousand bucks apiece a few years ago. He had a guy looking at one (oohing and aahing I might add) when I stopped up and heard the sellers vet Bringback story. I couldn't help myself (as I am sure you mostly know by now) and called him out that they were Chinese fakes. Of course I got a snarky response and a "what do I know" so I showed him and his potential buyer a few pics of my collection I have on my phone, and said "This". Of course the reply was collectors do not know it all, there were many undocumented makers, these are vet bring backs, blah blah blah. I shouldn't have bothered but at least his buyer moved along hopefully not returning. I am sure the helmets sold later on to another sucker. These table sellers at local shows are the worst.

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    Grandpa was terrible at putting together believable fakes... he didn't get one thing right here.

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    Not only is the shell bad they couldnt even get the size right...ET67?

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    Quote by TheGoon View Post
    Not only is the shell bad they couldnt even get the size right...ET67?
    Believe it or not Jody has an ET67 stamped SS helmet. I've held it in my hands, it's pretty cool.

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    Really? That's the first time hearing of that size must be pretty rare! I guess I stand corrected!

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    Chinese or Pak no brainer class A stinker as stated. What next? timothy

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