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A real piece of history

Article about: I got this from a buddy today. To me this is the coolest german helmet ive every seen haha

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    Default A real piece of history

    I got this from a buddy today. To me this is the coolest german helmet ive every seen haha
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture A real piece of history   A real piece of history  

    A real piece of history   A real piece of history  

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    nice BD helmet , would have been way cooler if no-one had been digging for the decals.

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    I hope the owner was not wearing this at the time, looks a s though the "projectile" strike had such force that the helmet flew forward causing the dent to the front. Leon.
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    Active imagination you got there akmo, looks more like shrapnel damage to me...

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    Some of the damage came from the side. So i agree with Glenn on this one "Shrapnel damage"
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    Whatever made that hole impacted almost side on, you can see the 'bulge' where it struck the inner-left side of the helmet to the rear. A very nice helmet!
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    Someone must of had serious headache
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    My not so forensic analysis thinks he could have caught a burst of machine gun fire from his right side. One bullet glanced off of the front, and the second one went inside the rear of the helmet. It could be shrapnel damage, but that front side doesn't have the jagged damage I'd expect. Cool helmet though, I'd buy it!

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