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Is this for real, what am I missing here?

Article about: no comment

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    no comment

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    I remember that one, there are a few threads about it on a few forums. I liked it, but the price did go a bit mental.

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    Sorry boys been away for the past week working. (Got to pay for that wall somehow...)

    The helmet in the eBay link I believe is the real deal. I was able to get better photos of it when it was online for auction and I personally liked it.

    As for the helmet I know for fact the helmet did not sell for that price and I understand he was later trying to sell it for half that amount to others. To my knowledge he had no takers.

    eBay has plenty of helmet buyers who play nasty games with each other and with sellers. I usually avoid eBay on helmets like the plague, it's a waste of time for me 99.9% of the time.
    Thank you for the clarification, Doug! This must be one of the worst cases of people bidding just for kicks, with no intention of paying if won, I've ever seen...
    There must be something like 15 individual deadbeat bidders in there if he didn't even manage to sell at even half the going price!

    It must suck to be the seller of a great genuine item when things turn out like this --- note to self; never list high priced items on ebay... obviously NOT worth the hassle.

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    Sadly it happens all the time on eBay with nice helmets however one fellow did buy a camo for something like 8 grand and it had a net tucked in the liner that wasn't advertised. Still it was double the price you'd expect at a retail establishment.

    Yes there is a legion of guys who bid things up and then tell the seller they won't pay unless the seller brings the price down. Many of these guys have two or three eBay accounts and are bidding against themselves so the "next" bidder is the same guy leaving the seller forced to relist it and go through the same bs or negotiate with these clowns.

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    It's quite amazing that eBay allows this to happen though... I mean, protecting the buyer/bidder against fraudulent sellers is one thing--- practically giving them carte blanche to do exactly as they choose with no repercussions whatsoever is another thing entirely... What a shame.

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    I am constantly amazed at what lengths ( and depths ) some will go to acquire a simple helmet. I've nothing against someone spending an obscene amount of money ( I speak from experience lol ) but lying, cheating, subterfuge, etc has no place amongst hobbyists.

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    I don't really scan eBay for helmet related items all that much, as I prefer to deal locally. That way I can see what I'm potentially buying before forking out the dough. Also less stress that you will actually receive the item as not a box full of rocks or just the box.

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