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this a reissued firemans helmet??

Article about: hi folks is this a reissued firemans helmet why i ask is it seems to have three plugs put in the top of it which look as they have never been took out after they were put in there is also on

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    railway Helmet? restored to something else?

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    Quote by HELMET_DOG View Post
    Civic model early 1933-34 Salt and pepper vent holes,the paint looks recent,interior of helmet- i would need close ups, Decals(insigna) questionable,Also Stampings on inside skirt (rear helmet ring) who is the Maker?
    hi its drp hale with a big letter A next to it! and i agree with you the lid has had a post war repaint the decals are fake but i think the lid and liner are sound enough but why would someone take the fire skip of the top and insert steel plugs? has a railway helmet have the leather neck gaurd that attaches to the back of the helmet skirt mate? as this has the conecters for it on this inner liner thanks

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    hi ppl i have found a few of these helmets thats exactly the same in the uk and futher away in Berkel-Enschot in the Netherlands!! all has the same 3 plugs inserted in the top of the helmet and one at the back on the bottom skirt as you see this helmet below is like mine black with the plugs put in it so if mines was just a ex fire or railway postwar restore with a lick of black paint and a couple of plugs where the top fin peace went on the top a few ppl in the world must have had the same ideas and been like minded ppl as ive seen 3 lids like this 1 here in uk 1 in the netherlands and 1 in the us and they all look the same but the one i have has dodgy repro decals that are diffrent from the ones on the lid pictured here below! all 3 has these same block off plugs and all are dodgy black colour

    this one pic here just sold on ebay for $188.27 missing one of the plugs!

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    Can not help you with your helmet, as I do not know much about them.

    Here is one of mine however. I assume it is a helmet that has been converted to a firemans helmet (possibly post war)

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