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replacement rivet/pin help

Article about: Ken N has lots of components.

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    Default replacement rivet/pin help

    I've got a salty M18 Luftschutz that is missing a rivet/liner pin so I would like to get a replacement for it, but... I have no idea where to locate such a rivet. All I can find online is similar rivets/pins with two slot washers and the ones on this helmet only has one... not a big deal really but I'd prefer to use a same type replacement instead of mixing it with another type. Here's a photo of one of them -- hope someone can help

    replacement rivet/pin help

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    Default Re: replacement rivet/pin help

    I think Kelly was selling some.
    Are you going to post your helmet.?

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    Default Re: replacement rivet/pin help

    Thank you, Chris! I will have some photos taken as soon as I've found and fitted a replacement. Can't see where Kelly (Hicks, Im' guessing?) is selling helmet parts though? I've also been looking on ebay and other helmet dealer sites but no luck finding rivets of this type with one slot washers...

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    Default Re: replacement rivet/pin help

    So wrong type.

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    Default Re: replacement rivet/pin help

    Would any ww1 type rivet match the heads of these (disregarding the washers)? Seem like no one knows about these one slot washers so I'm just letting that one go but I would really like it to at least match in outward appearance...

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    Default Re: replacement rivet/pin help

    Why don't you just get a two slot washer and remove the divider and make it into bone slot???

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    Default Re: replacement rivet/pin help

    Sure, that would work--- I already asked this though, as I have no idea about ww1 helmets and parts... would any ww1 pin/rivet match these ones? If so I could easily do lie you said--- main thing is that it matches on the outside.

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    Default Re: replacement rivet/pin help

    If you show the helmet it might help so we can see exactly what should or could be made to match

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    Default Re: replacement rivet/pin help

    Sure, a few quick shots outside as it's finally some decent weather out today

    replacement rivet/pin helpreplacement rivet/pin helpreplacement rivet/pin help

    The liner is removed as it was just about falling apart due to the leather band being broken, so the only one's that actually missing of the liner pins/rivets is the right hand side one.

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    Default Re: replacement rivet/pin help

    I would say this a pre WW2 transitional adaptation. WW1 liner rivets never had washers. I'd grab either a nice Czech repro rivet or even the slightly pricier Latvian fakes and convert a repro WW2 twin slot washer to suit by knocking out the centre. Just a thought.

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