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A ruined M42

Article about: Interesting and useful information Krad. Thanks!

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    Default A ruined M42

    I have a question. Is there any sense to buy a M42 helmet which has two badly drilled extra pin holes in the sides and is painted with black house paint, for 25?

    I thought that I would remove the crap paint from it and see if there's a decent paint inside. The paint has chipped from some parts from it's top and I can see something matte greyish surface which ''glimmers'' a tiny bit. I was wondering if that is some smoothed surface or the actual paint there... I can't get a picture of it unfortunately, atleast a good one.

    I found it from a flea market and I can't decide whether it's complete waste of money to start doing anything to it..

    Thank you.

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    Well for 24e it is well worth taking a chance, Could you possibly post photos.


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    I might be able to take some photos tomorrow.

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    Sorry Doug! I will try to get the pictures tomorrow, If I cant, this thread can be deleted.

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    Sounds like one of the Finnish army used helmets with extra holes drilled to fit the post war liner , i think its worth buying fill the holes in and repaint it and sell it to someone doing living History

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    I'm with Kradman re Finnish issued.........


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    For 25 you could for sure have some fun with it!

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    Someone bought it I have never seen Finns with M42's, have you? The holes were really badly drilled. The metal was bent inside the helmet.. I think it propably was some little rusty Lapland find, and some kid wanted to make it cool by painting it and had a pair of the common Finnish army liners in hand and ruined the helmet..

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    Yes i have found German M42 helmets in the SA shops in the past and most had the extra holes drilled to fit the post war liner the same as fitted in the M62 helmets the Finnish army used ,There are wartime photos of the M42 helmet being used by the Finnish Army but i cant find any to hand at the moment

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