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Salty German lid; genuine Kriegsmarine?

Article about: Hi all, I have my eye on this helmet currently to reward myself for getting a new job (it's always nice to find a place where this is seen as acceptable, and not weird in any way!). Accordin

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    Default Salty German lid; genuine Kriegsmarine?

    Hi all,
    I have my eye on this helmet currently to reward myself for getting a new job (it's always nice to find a place where this is seen as acceptable, and not weird in any way!).
    According to the seller its a salty Kriegsmarine SD with partial liner. I know the photos aren't great but I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the decal is in fact Kriegsmarine, rather than a toned Heer? I'm generally quite good with spotting fakes, but differentiating between Heer and Kriegsmarine is something I've never had any experience in. The decal looks good to me primarily because the black surround has largely worn off; I would have expected a Heer to be white rather than toned in this instance. Just a hunch.
    If a genuine Kriegsmarine the price (in my opinion!) is very acceptable (I can probably get it down to 150-160), if a Heer I'm not a massive fan.
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated!Click image for larger version. 

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    Not being an expert and looking closely at your pictures do I see a camouflaged helmet?...It appears there are different colour tones on your second picture that you uploaded.

    Both the KM and Heer helmet decals had a black background to them.

    So I am going to plump for a toned down army helmet or a cammed up Coastal Arty one.

    I guess the choice would be yours but it looks a solid enough display piece but the price you mention still sounds a lot to me.

    Good luck

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    Looks like a Heer semi relic helmet to me with rust pitting to the metal not camo

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    Thanks for taking a look!
    I see what you mean about the tone, I suspect thats due to the corrosion though. The finish seems to be green. Would coastal artillery utilise the Heer decal then? To be honest, I'm not happy with the price if the piece isn't Kriegsmarine; I already have a relic Heer and want to branch out my collection before getting another.

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    with a decal that worn it is impossible to tell from these photos but the condition is poor so I would pass on it if I was you.

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    Hi, it is not really a big deal either way in this case as the condition is poor. The asking price is fair enough, but I would not bother with it personally. The "two tone" colour is not cammo by the way. The early apple green paint often turns a shade of brown due to age and storage conditions, and that has happened to this one in places giving it that "two tone" effect. Leon.
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    It's a nice condition relic or poor condition non -relic. i think it straddles the line but that is just my view. No science to this, just opinions

    But IMHO overpriced, my tops is $150 but that is just me. Relics, as they are relics should be cheap. I would lean towards Heer but can't really tell as Frank noted
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