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Salty m35

Article about: Hi guys, Annoyed from this ads?   I'ts been a while, but for some reason I had to go helmet hunting again. I was looking for an affordable Heer helmet, and found this one. A salty helme

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    IMO its a heer helmet,and i love it! Dont you wish it could talk?

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    Circuit advertisement Salty m35
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    Hello MoparJW
    Like it and I love the remains of the brush grey camo, if you took a macro picture of what remains on the inner skirt it would really help many collectors.
    Re this 'complex' there are not that many pics on line I notice but did manage to find this courtsy of Stichting Atlantikwall Museum:

    Dit StŁtzpunkt bevond zich in de tweede lijn binnen de StŁtzpunktgruppe Scheveningen en lag op het militair oefenterrein aan de Van Alkemadelaan. Naast de twee kustbatterijen in de StŁtzpunktgruppe was er ook nog de inzet van een artillerie-afdeling van 3 batterijen. De tweede batterij van de Polizei Artillerie Abteilung lag dus in het StŁtzpunkt XXXXIa H (Batterie Wasserturm) met 4 houwitsers van 10 centimeter als hoofdbewapening en
    behoorde tot de Ordnungspolizei. De eerste batterij was gesitueerd in de polder ten zuidoosten van het toenmalige Zuiderpark en de derde batterij
    in de polder ten oosten van Marlot.

    Op een relatief kleine oppervlakte van circa 3,5 hectaren bevonden zich 48 van de 50 bunkers die tot de Batterie Wasserturm gerekend kunnen worden. Op enige afstand van de kustlijn gelegen, diende de batterij een op de kust landende vijand met indirect vuur te bestrijden. Het artillerie-
    geschut stond echter in open geschutsopstellingen, zodat men ook de vijand, die van uit het oosten aanviel, kon bestoken. Alle bunkers werden
    wel in 3 groepen rondom de 4 centraal gelegen open geschutsbeddingen gesitueerd. Tot elke groep behoorde, naast 1 of 2 geschutsbeddingen,
    ook een manschappenverblijf (Gruppen- en Dobbelgruppenunterstand van het type 621 en 622) voor huisvesting van de geschutsbedieningen.
    De manschappenverblijven van het type 621 lagen geheel ondergronds en waren alleen via een gangenstelsel bereikbaar.

    Naast de genoemde bunkers bezat elke groep een verschillend aantal werken met ondersteunende functies waarbij de 9 gangenstelsel voor communicatie tussen de bunkers zorgden. Verspreid over de complex liggen bovendien nog individuele, meestal ondergrondse bunkers met ondersteunende functies. Voor de nabijverdediging lagen aan 3 zijden (aan de rand van de batterij) nog een aantal tobruks van het type 58c. Bovenop de hoogste duintop in deze omgeving lag een waarnemingspost van het type 143 en was hier uitgevoerd met een pantserkoepel.

    De Batterie Wasserturm werd verdedigd door de 2/ Polizei Artillerie Abteilung en bestond uit 1 officier, 7 onderofficieren en 67 manschappen.
    De bewapening bestond uit 4 x 10 cm Haubitze, 1 x 7,62 cm GeschŁtze, 1 leichtes maschinengewehr en 2 schweres maschinengewehren.
    Tevens zou er sprake zijn van luchtafweerschut op de hoge duinen ten noorden van de Alexanderkazerne. Hier ligt een manschappenverblijf
    (van het type 502) die niet tot deze artilleriestelling behoorde. Ook de strafgevangenis lag op korte afstand van het StŁtzpunkt.

    Translate Google:
    This StŁtzpunkt was in the second line within StŁtzpunktgruppe Scheveningen and lay on the military training area in Van Alkemadelaan. Besides the two coastal batteries in StŁtzpunktgruppe there was also the deployment of an artillery division of three batteries. The second battery of the Polizei Artillerie Abteilung lay in the StŁtzpunkt XXXXIa H (Batterie Wasserturm) with 4 howitzers of 10 centimeters as the main armament and
    belonged to the Order Police.
    The first battery was located in the polder southeast of the then South Park and the third battery
    in the polder east of Marlot. On a relatively small area of approximately 3.5 hectares were located 48 of the 50 bunkers among the Batterie Wasserturm be able to. Located at some distance from the coastline, the battery had a landing on the coast to fight with enemy indirect fire. The artillery guns but had an open gun positions, so that even the enemy, who attacked from the east, could bombard. All bunkers were well situated in three groups around the four central open gun emplacements. To each group belonged, besides one or two gun emplacements, a men stay (Gruppen- and Dice Gruppenunterstand of type 621 and 622) for housing the gun controls. The men stay on the type 621 were entirely underground and were just going through a labyrinth to reach. In addition to said bunkers each group had a different number of working with support functions which the nine corridors made ​​for communication between the bunkers.
    Spread over the complex also are still individual, usually underground bunkers with support functions. For the near defense layers on three sides (at the edge of the battery), a number of tobruks of type 58c. On top of the highest dune in the area was an observatory of the type 143 and was carried out here with a turret. The Batterie Wasserturm was defended by the 2 / Polizei Artillerie Abteilung and consisted of one officer, seven officers and 67 men. The armament consisted of 4 x 10 cm Haubitze, 1 x 7.62 cm GeschŁtze, 1 and 2 leichtes Maschinengewehr schweres maschinengewehren. Also, would there be any antiaircraft embarrass the high dunes north of the Alexander Barracks. Here is a men stay (type 502) was not among the artillery position. The prison was a short distance from the StŁtzpunkt. .

    EricSalty m35

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    Quote by Martin C View Post
    IMO its a heer helmet,and i love it! Dont you wish it could talk?
    Absolutely! if only, if only...

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    Quote by Unterstand View Post
    Hello MoparJW
    Like it and I love the remains of the brush grey camo, if you took a macro picture of what remains on the inner skirt it would really help many collectors.
    Re this 'complex' there are not that many pics on line I notice but did manage to find this courtsy of Stichting Atlantikwall Museum:
    Hi Eric,

    That's an interesting story you found, thanks for sharing it!
    I like the picture also, are these men wearing some kind of rough texture paint helmets?
    It seems like a rather large ''defense complex'' to me, I'm thinking too bad for the Germans (and luckily for us) this complex wasn't really useful in the end, as the Allies simply bypassed this part of Holland.

    I only have an old 3.2 megapixel camera at the moment , but I'm sure I can get a better camera from someone, I will post some better picures of the inner skirt later.
    The brush paint was on the inside of the visor as well, by the looks of it.

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    The gunner: from the insig. is Obergefeiter Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery they are both wearing their issue m35's but contrary to his comrade only his is brush issue grey painted imo, posted as example quick off free net because I love mgs.
    Yes of course the inside skirt shot would be interesting I love looking at paint types, the term re-issue makes my flesh crawl btw so does salty lol!


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    Here are some pics of the inside skirt Eric, the quality still isn't great unfortunately.

    Salty m35 Salty m35

    Salty m35 Salty m35

    To be honest I think it is a KM helmet (it's not that I WANT it to be.. well maybe a little ), based on the color of the decal, it's dark yellow that lights up bright when it's put in the light.
    The 2nd pic is blurry but I think it shows the gold flakes in the swastika.
    I could be totally wrong though, I have no experience on this.

    Salty m35Salty m35Salty m35

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    excellent thank you I'll leave what the decal is to other Gents.

    Blimey its 2015!!!

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    No problem
    I think I finally managed to take a good pic, it will be the last one i will bother you guys with
    See what I mean by the color? or could a heer decal turn this dark?

    Salty m35

    Anyway I think I'm hooked on the hobby now, I've been researching decals and it's been fun

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