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salty sd kriegsmarine m35

Article about: Thank you all again. I am pleasantly surprised with your comments, needless to say so is the wife . She can get me into alot of trouble at the auctions at times Any ideas on how to preserve

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    Default salty sd kriegsmarine m35

    Hello All,
    My wife gave this to me for Christmas, and its finally warmed up and stopped snowing for me to get out and get some pics.
    I don't believe the liner is original to the helmet and the chinstrap is a cheap repo. But its an ET66 with lot number 4081 with a strange bluish grey color.
    I am really curious about the remaining decal. Is this an original Kriegsmarine decal ? All opinions are welcome and much appreciated.
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    Some nice closeups of the remaining decal are essential. As for the grey colour, it was common for KM helmets to painted over in a colour known as "battleship grey" which is similar to what seen here.
    UPDATE: actually now that I have taken a closer look at that decal, I believe it to be a KM, but still close ups are required for a confirmation.

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    It looks like a good KM decal from the pic, but a closer shot would help a lot. Try using the macro function on your camera for a crisp close up. It's usually a little flower icon. Is there any evidence of a national decal on the other side?

    Great gift from the wife by the way, you have a good woman there

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    Thanks Guys. No sign of the shield decal on other side, and yes she's a " keeper" ( the wife ,that is ] She found it in a local antique shop for $ 175.00

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    175?!?!?! Thats craziness! Shes defiantly a keeper know, she has a good nose for deals whether she knows it or not. Even if this were a toned heer decal (which I don't think it is) that would be a great deal. Well done.

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    Quote by krabbekrout View Post
    Thanks Guys. No sign of the shield decal on other side, and yes she's a " keeper" ( the wife ,that is ] She found it in a local antique shop for $ 175.00
    What luck! Congrats on the helmet and the wife!

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    Great find. The repro chinstrap looks good on the helmet, your wife has a good eye for helmets congratulations.
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    Nice KM and nice price. timothy

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    Hello , I think that you have an original Kreigsmarine decal there my friend, the depth of the gold "fleck" looks good to me and I can just make out the 3d effect on the swastika. Also Km decals are well known for "flaking"off from the surface of helmets so this is another good sign. Look after the decal so that no more little pieces flake off at any opportunity! Also I think personally that the liner is the original to the helmet as it has the earlier "square bale" liner system that is correct for an M35. Fantastic buy at a fantastic price, my compliments to your wife!! Leon.
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    I like it and the same lot number bears a KM DD. Hope you thanked your good lady, Ha ha mine wouldn't even go in an antique shop...

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