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Article about: I got this picture of the SAUERLAND decal on a helmet which is at my relatives in Germany at the moment. They are ordinary people, don't have any knowledge about militaria but since they are

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    To be quite honest today I wouldn't buy a Sauerland decaled helmet given the various and oft-contradictory information out there on them. But I'd love to see them all magnified nonetheless.

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    The one at west point is very cool. SS and Sauerland decals, and they have had it since the mid 60's.

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    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    The one at west point is very cool. SS and Sauerland decals, and they have had it since the mid 60's.
    I want to go check out their museum again, it's only a 30min drive for me. I went once in middle school... but our teachers gave us a scavenger hunt, so I really didn't get a chance to dwell in one place for too long and actually enjoy what was on display.

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    Quote by KradSpam View Post
    The one at west point is very cool. SS and Sauerland decals, and they have had it since the mid 60's.
    Sad story but the West Point Sauerland helmet is still a mystery. I haven't seen any fair documentation or presentation of the helmet, all we have now is the legend and some bad black/white pics. Has not been published at all in any helmet book. Most of us are not american so we simply can't admire the helmet in the museum. Besides in this form this West Point Sauerland helmet (double decal with Sauerland and SS runic shields) is a fake too. A fantasy piece which has never existed in this form. SS decal had been applied postwar. (or both??!) Personally I regret that such an interesting helmet has not been focused and discussed yet. (extreme rare Sauerland helmet, camo paint and SS decal) It's a shame that even some color pictures haven't been published regarding this legendary helmet. Is it a 'Normandy' style camo? From the terrible black and white pics it looks like a 2 tone sprayed on camo. Looking at the decal pictures I think decals had been placed onto the camo paint?! See the chipped area of the sauerland decal's right lower edge!
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    Quote by kenbent View Post

    Here's one located in Belgium. It's on a Quist 62 and on the right side. It's not mine, but I'd like to know your opinions anyhow.
    No snake or whatsoever.


    Fake decal.

    Note the smooth details and colors of an original decal! Acorns and the nervations of the oak leaves are green with some mild, light "reflections" on them. Fake decals are completely different. (crude details, black outlines, wrong shade of green, lack of those fine reflections, graphic is simpler in general, middle area is rather white than ivory, and on the left side decal border is not duplex like on originals)
    Attached Images Attached Images SAUERLAND decal 

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    I live just up the Hudson River from West Point. I was planning to take my girlfriend there... I will see if I can find the helmet on display!

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    NS 66-0488
    West Point Museum (has a later spurious SS decal slapped on the right side probably for use in a 1960s display) but the rest of the helmet and the Sauerland decal are WWII period.

    Above quote from SS Steel Inc.

    Never knew this decal existed. Good thread.

    Kind Regards,


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    Yes, except the SS decal the helmet corresponds to the speculative standards of genuine SAUERLAND Volksturm helmets. (NS M42, good decal).
    The strange thing for me is the (sprayed on) camo paint. How about that? Does anybody know the real colors of it?
    Why has not been this helmet published so far??
    Probably (one of) the scarcest german helmet type out there...Sauerland camo SD M42.
    (Like an SA Feldherrnhalle M42 DD)

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    just lettinng you know guy,s.For sure there was some of these helmets faked in Latvia.Have seen and hold them.So newer buy these without corect examination and profesional opinions on these.

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