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A Second Helmet for your consideration Please

Article about: Hi, First, A big thank you to the fellow contributors who passed comment on the first lid. I learned quite a bit about a helmet that has been sitting around for quite a few years. The next o

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    DD M40 LW are very rare. I think I know of one? I'm not convinced by either decal. You need head on shots of both decals that are in focus.
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    Circuit advertisement A Second Helmet for your consideration Please
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    Are they really that rare? I may have been a bit too fast there, as can happen when on a "posting roll"... sorry about that, my bad

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    Quote by slados28 View Post
    Are they really that rare? I may have been a bit too fast there, as can happen when on a "posting roll"... sorry about that, my bad
    Yes M40 DD LW and Heer are incredibly rare. I know of 4-5 Heer (I own 1) and I have seen 1 LW I believed. This to me is not one of them.

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    I was wondering about that. That is why I was questioning the helmet.
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    Hi All, Thank you all for your comments and opinions on this helmet, they are greatly appreciated. I am a bit surprised that the decals are considered wrong as I purchased this helmet over 30 years ago from a none militaria dealer at a junk fair. I was not aware of the rarety of such helmets and neither was the guy from whom I purchased it. The price I paid was low enough to make no difference with regard to a double, single or no decal helmet. It was just a German helmet!! I find it hard to follow the logic of adding a wrong decal to a helmet in order to enhance its rarety, then distressing it to make it look real then selling it as a bog standard pot for a fraction of its rarety value which from the responses appears to be very high?? I accept fully the opinions expressed but am none-the-less confused by the timing (30+ years) and logic behind the helmet and its insignia.

    Wth Thanks regards and best wishes Michael R

    PS, I will endeavour to dig the helmet out and post some additional photos for your perusal. Cheers again MR

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    Hi, Some additional photos of the decals to either confirm or amend opinions. Taken both with and without flash.
    Cheers Michael R

    A Second Helmet for your consideration Please

    A Second Helmet for your consideration Please

    A Second Helmet for your consideration Please

    A Second Helmet for your consideration Please

    A Second Helmet for your consideration Please

    A Second Helmet for your consideration Please

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    Could it not be an over paint that has had the tricolor dug?
    The condition of the decals relative to each other seems to suggest the shield is much more damaged than the Adler.

    Regards, Dan
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    I am no expert by any means on TR helmets. In my youth, there was no such worry about fake ones. Regardless of what has been said, I like the helmet. But as always, I prefer to pass judgement on something I can actually hold rather than rely on photographs alone. This isn't a dig at anyone by the way, but really is how I have always felt about anything collectible. The first time I saw my wife was in a picture which was sent to me when I was a squaddie. I passed judgement when I met her in the flesh.

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    As I've said, the pics, including the new ones, are inconclusive and what's shown lacks expected details in my eyes. Price and intent of seller is irrelevant, the helmet is either right or it's not. Fakes date all the way back to June 1945. A loose tricolor may have been added postwar (note the incorrect alignment of it as well) for $hits and giggles and not a malicious intent. Who knows.

    Either way, it's not one I'd own based upon photos provided for many reasons, but you can take it or leave it, doesnt much matter to me. (Speaking of which Harry the Mole in hand is always best but details with -good- photos can often tell the tale between good and bad).

    Post clear, head on, in focus, no flash glare photos and more might be gleaned from your pics, otherwise it's a guessing game and all I know is a misaligned seriously aged funny shaped tricolor on a LW M40 with no similar aging nearby raises more questions than it answers for this collector.

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    Hi Doug, Many thanks for your responses and to all the other people who have voiced an opinion on this helmet. I must confess that I am a little taken aback by the opinions but hay ho we can all make mistakes and apparently this mistake was mine!!! I greatly appreciate and value your time, comments and opinions. The helmet is back in its box and I will pull a few more out over the next few weeks (hopefully, not so controversial)

    With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael R

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