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Should I buy this M35????

Article about: Hey guys, kind of an emergency...I could have this Q64 for around 200 the overpaint original??? Or from a biker?

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    Such are the problems with these forum websites. Which set of experts do you listen to? The one's that may save you money, or the one's that put you on to a bargain?
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    Circuit advertisement Should I buy this M35????
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    I really don't like it at all.

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    IMO stickers not paint. Nice helmet i would buy it for 200$.

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    Frank says GOOD, Leon says CRAP - both experienced members with vast knowledge whom I respect.
    .....but it just goes to show how divisive some of these helmets can be 70 odd years later.

    regards, Dan
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    Default say I buy this shell, Is there anyone in North America that I could send it to for authentication? Honestly it might be worth it just for the conversation in this forum! On the off chance that the camo is real, and the flame decals come off without too much of a fight, it's certainly worth more than 200, and if not, well I guess that's collecting. (and for the record, I haven't bought it yet)

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    I would buy it, the odd decals can be removed, it would make a nice display.

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    Agreed, the flame decals will shift no problem. The funky looking camo I wouldn't worry about. Sending it to anyone would not be worth it IMO, you already have a good shell and the decals are likely good so perhaps leave it at that. If you have $200 burning a hole in your pocket and you really like it then go for it. It wouldn't be for me as I say but if you like it then by all means cough the readies. In the future you should be able to get your $200 back with no great drama.

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    Its hard to determine when the tropical coat was applied but the partly visible eagle decal certainly correlate's with the luftwaffe blue underpaint
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    Well I decided to go for it. I think it deserves a hand inspect and once I get it I'll post better pics. Thanks everyone for your inputs.....good points on all sides. Best case, Camo is period applied and I get a neat piece for cheap, worst case, its a DD Luft with biker paint all over and I clean it up and sell it. Either way, I've had some fun.

    Thanks Again,


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    genuine DAK paint for me on this one.

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