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Should I buy this M35????

Article about: Hey guys, kind of an emergency...I could have this Q64 for around 200 the overpaint original??? Or from a biker?

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    Quote by Rahllo View Post
    Well I decided to go for it. I think it deserves a hand inspect and once I get it I'll post better pics. Thanks everyone for your inputs.....good points on all sides. Best case, Camo is period applied and I get a neat piece for cheap, worst case, its a DD Luft with biker paint all over and I clean it up and sell it. Either way, I've had some fun.

    Thanks Again,

    I must say I would have bought the helmet without any hesitation at all. When you see the large sums people are paying for some of this artificially aged reproduction sh**e that some websites offer, I ask myself why they don't just put a few more quid to the money and buy the genuine thing. I'm not having a dig at you Leon, but for the life of me I can't see these repetitive tool marks that you mentioned. I've always believed (and always will) that some helmets need to be examined in hand, and not just subjected to photographic examination - where a potentially good item can be condemned as bad . I don't expect anyone to agree with me, but then again - I couldn't care less anyway. Try selling a helmet to a dealer on photographic evidence alone, and you won't get anywhere. He will always insist on examining it first.

    Enjoy your helmet Morgan, the chances are you have a bargain.
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    You know I gotta say that I really think that the overpaint is good. The way that it is worn off on the top of the helmet is not the way I would have done it if I was faking a DAK camo. There are certainly more attractive ways of fake ageing a helmet. I am pretty new to German helmets ( this will be my 5th), but so far my instincts have been good and I am having a lot of fun. This forum and all of you in it have taught me a lot, and I am really grateful. I should receive the helmet in the next few days and will take good pics and post them, well after I remove the flames!



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    Hi Morgan. You did the right thing buying this helmet !! I still say it is good ! Original camo ! I have seen one in hand some time ago, that looks exactly as this one ! But with full camo paint !Don`t remember right now where ! Have seen a lot ! :-) ... When you clean it ! Don`t mess with the decals at all !! Leave them as they are ! Only try to remove the flames/Lines without destroying the camo ! And if you have your doubt about the helmet/camo ? PM me. and I buy it from you !! :-) But keep it !! congrats with your new nice helmet !! SF

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    At 200 Canadian you wont hurt.


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    Good move. How can You go wrong at that price?

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    Got it in the's great. After an in hand inspection I have no doubts that the decals and Camo are good. The flame stickers have been on there along time, but have come off nicely without pulling off any paint. I originally thought that the helmet had been messed with by a biker, but now I think it was a kid. Liner band is original, split pin prongs are straight. I'll post some good shots when I get home from work and get some good light. The camo is quite nice actually. Proof that there are helmets out there to be found and not everything is a fake. There may be some who still disagree, but I think I just scored a DAK camo Luftwaffe Double Decal Quist for 200 bucks! Thanks again all for your inputs. Like I say, more pics to come.

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    Default A bunch of photos in different light conditions…sure looks better without the flames!

    Should I buy this M35????Should I buy this M35????Should I buy this M35????Should I buy this M35????Should I buy this M35????Should I buy this M35????Should I buy this M35????Should I buy this M35????Should I buy this M35????Should I buy this M35????Should I buy this M35????Should I buy this M35????



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    Quite possibly the deal of the year!

    Cheers, Dan
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    Hi, I am no expert on helmets, not my area, I only have one, Luftwaffe M35 two decals. I like your helmet, in my modest opinion I reckon you have made an excellente purchase, congratulations

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    what a result rahllo,christmas has come early for you

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