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Show your steelpots of your collection!

Article about: Some from me, Leon.

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    Two of mine and a well traveled visiting cousin.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    [QUOTE=James C;953852]well guys i dont want to be a party pooper but ive just realised this thread as great as it is ,has been posted in the german militaria section of the forum ,seeing non german lids just doesnt seem right ,so i will submit my original picture to this one ,perhaps this tainted thread should be moved over to another part of the forum ,i hold my hands up and say i am partly to blame after my contribution so my apologies ,

    I didn't even realize this. I saw it in ' new posts ' . My bad, I should have looked closer. Ill re-submit my German helmets only.

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    What I meant by my comment on my helmet pile Doug B a moderator here and Ron R have the largest Helmet collection you will ever see makes a little old collector look small. timothy

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    Well, this is my contribution of stahlhelms to the thread:

    Rgrds Al

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice collection sweguy, have you put any of these lids in threads of their own? I would like to see all of them up close!

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    Thanks Glenn, actually I have, mostly quite recently.

    First row from left: 1;Ckl64 M42 Heer named, 2; NS62 M40 Heer Double-named, 3;ET64 M40 Lufty without liner, 4;M34 tilted Tri-color.
    Back row from left: 1;EF66 M40 (finnish used), 2; ET64 Beaded M40, 3;M38 Carlsberg fire brigade from protecting the beer dactory during the war. 4;NS64 M35 (finnish used).


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    My humble collection.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Love the picklehaube Luke!

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    Thank you, Glenn!


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    Well here are my steel pots... that are main interest in collecting:

    WWII (Good Condition/combat waer)
    WWII Relic
    Blue Division

    Then during the years I have gotten as presents few other stuff, like DDR, british, Swiss, spanish M26 and 42, mexican adrian helmet, french adrian WWI, portugese, amongst other stuff....

    Click image for larger version. 

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