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Single Decal Luftwaffe M42, NS64

Article about: Hey guys, I just wanted to show this beautiful helmet that I am going to buy. I just made the down payment for it. It's an NS64 single decal Luftwaffe M42. This one will fill a lot of big ga

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    Default Re: Single Decal Luftwaffe M42, NS64

    So apparently the helmet might already to be sold to someone else? I was under the impression that it was being held for me. I have heard good things about the seller, so I hope this gets resolved, as I have had my eye on this helmet for over a year.

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    Default Re: Single Decal Luftwaffe M42, NS64

    Hold on Mo, youve put a downpayment on this helmet, the seller has no right to offer it to someone else, without first returning that payment and telling you in advance that there is someone willing to pay the full asking price up front. this would give you the right to first refusal, can i ask how much you put down and how much its being sold for

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    Default Re: Single Decal Luftwaffe M42, NS64

    Well the thing is, I haven't exactly made the down payment yet. I sent out a money order but I am sure he has not received it yet. He will just have to send it back if it really is sold. Like I said, I was under the impression that he was holding it for me. If it really is sold, then it's my fault for not being more clear about it. This is incredibly disappointing. He will let me know if it is sold in a day or two.

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    Default Re: Single Decal Luftwaffe M42, NS64

    If you had pre-arranged a deal with him, and already sent the money, he has no
    right to sell it out from under you. He should be letting customer(s) who might
    be interested know that it is sold - even though it has not been paid in full.

    Possibly the mix-up is, that it has already been sold to you and the seller
    or employee(s) do not realise it is actually you who is the purchaser.
    Hopefully, for your sake - and sanity - this is the case..........!


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    Default Re: Single Decal Luftwaffe M42, NS64

    The NS Luftwaffe decal is by far my favorite LW variant. I also love the late-war broad look of M42's. The brown camo ties it all together. I can't even begin to fathom how disappointed I am going to be if I can't resolve this.

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