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Single decal SE62 M35 Heer

Article about: Hi Slados , well for me it is a very nice re-issue helmet that was period re-decaled due to the loss/wear to the first one. It also looks to have retained it's nice early "square bale&q

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    Default Single decal SE62 M35 Heer

    Just found this one and was wondering if I could get some opinions. To me the components all look ok and in pretty nice condition but I am wondering what's going on with the decal. Would this be a factory reissue or simply a late production helmet due to the lack of tricolor/being a single decal? The decal seems to have been applied on top of an already removed one, also at a lower position than usual... to my novice eyes it looks correct ( the decal itself, that is) but I'm just wondering wether or not it was period applied and if this sort of adhesion problems were common with this type.

    Overall it's not anything special but I just liked the overall condition of it (except for the decal issues) and thought it might be worth get opinions/possibly make an offer on it.

    Single decal SE62 M35 HeerSingle decal SE62 M35 HeerSingle decal SE62 M35 HeerSingle decal SE62 M35 HeerSingle decal SE62 M35 HeerSingle decal SE62 M35 HeerSingle decal SE62 M35 HeerSingle decal SE62 M35 HeerSingle decal SE62 M35 Heer

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    I like it. Better close ups of the decal would be nice just to make sure it's not repro, but I do like what I see so far. Interesting that the split pins look to have smooth paint on them

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    Good looking helmet. I would venture a guess on the re-issue side. Could explain the decal application as well as the split pin finish. I would say it's a keeper.

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    SE were known to issue M35 shells in 1940 specs from the factory. The liner looks to be a Werner Zahn which was definitely a supplier used for liners by SE in that same period, so I'd say a factory M40 spec M35. What is happening with the decal is a bit of a mystery, but it looks like an original one to me.

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    Thank you very much for the input, guys!

    So, going by your expertise here I guess we're looking at a factory reissued M35 by SE with original liner (by Werner Zahn) and chinstrap. I still think the decal issue looks odd as well, especially with regard to the lower placement but other than that it's obviously had at least one decal replacement due to poor adhesion, so I guess that kind of explains it.
    Thanks again for the input, I always learn a lot this way..

    It's obviously not a high priced example due to the decal thing but any ideas re. fair value? Sorry about this question, I know it's not a popular one, but I just want to make sure I do not pay over market if I am to have a go at it---

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    I'm not sure it's a reissue, rather a leftover M35 shell being used at the factory after the M40 specs of rough paint single decal came into use. I could be wrong but that's where I plant my flag. Maybe $500 - $700?

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    Good helmet nice chinstrap. What is the asking price? I kind of like the decal mishap. Good helmet if the price is right. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    KradSpam: Thank you for the correction --- that was kind of what I was thinking, I guess I shouldn't have said reissue as such... my bad.

    tank destroyer
    : It's offered at roughly $100 over KradSpam's highest estimate, a price which I already felt was too high before posting here--- I might just make an offer and see where it goes as I really like the general look of it, minus the a bit detracting decal issue.

    Any thoughts on the writing and numbers on the inside skirt btw? Seems too short for a fp number and I'm not really able to make out what's written above it either..

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    With it being a complete helmet and if it is a helmet you really want offer him 600. It is the holiday season he may be willing to bargain. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Yeah, I was thinking something like that myself --- thanks again for the advice. I might just put in an offer on this one...

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