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Spurious M42 Camo

Article about: Here is a camo that is currently on eBay being sold as original. Bidding is up to \\$1425.00 with 6 bids, one hour left. My concerns with this helmet are as follows: artificial wear (all made

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    Quote by cricketchris1944 View Post
    It just sold for 1700$.
    Someones just needed to read the post here.
    too bad.

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    Some stupid sod has just placed their inheritance in the crusher!!As you guys have already said,those tool marks are completely artificial,uniform and just simply in areas where you would not naturally see that kind of wear.If you wanted a re-enactors helmet and it was $60 this is the one,if you want to invest in your future with a rare historical piece of third reich headgear you will have just down graded from a nice oak coffin to a cardboard one,or bin bag at best!! Leon.

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    Quote by cricketchris1944 View Post
    It just sold for 1700$.
    That's gonna hurt in the morning


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    In my opinion this puppy is not an original camo helmet. All the facts have been stated already so someone spent a lot of cash for nothing. Egay is not fun anymore. People want to make a fast profit and too many people are falling for it because reading and eventually learning about how to tell the real deal from a fake takes too much time and effort for the majority. Really sad but true!

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    The REALLY sad thing is you inform fleabay of a fake that is listed and the inept chimps do nothing!!!
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    I would say its a $1700 lesson but unless they discover that it's a fake, than they will never know and hence no lesson will be learned. I wonder how long until it shows up here in the helmet section asking if its real or fake!

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    I think if I was planning on spending that amount of money I would want to see the helmet in person and not just pictures.

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    No money is ever saved in bidding wars and especially if they dont research the item first. In the end some poor sap will pay what its really worth ( if authentic ) and find out it is another type shell used in another country. "Gotta know when to Hold em and know when to fold em". Not all that glitters is gold.
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    More fools and their money being parted , with the amount of info available these days i'm afraid i have no sympathy !!
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