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Spurious M42 Camo

Article about: Here is a camo that is currently on eBay being sold as original. Bidding is up to \\$1425.00 with 6 bids, one hour left. My concerns with this helmet are as follows: artificial wear (all made

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    It's just as bad here @ flea markets or the comparable bootsales, I have seen a fellow with every desirable, uber rare German lid (SS chicken wire camo, Heer winter camo, German Medic, Luft Normandy wire camo, Afrika Corps and of course a Fallschirmjager- Italian campaign colors) as well as a US medic helmet- all as fake as the day is long! I looked them over and honestly I could not say if they even started off as legit lids. The back of the van smelled of leather and the seller was telling me how real & expensive they were, I was almost knocked sideways by a dude grabbing them up- even after that I told him they were all 101% fakes- the clown started to haggle for prices for a bulk buy.......I just smiled and walked off.

    The only decent difference is that if you can see a helmet in person you can really tell what you are dealing with, I'd not buy an expensive lid off of the "bay"- nope.

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    at least he offers a refund.

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