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SS double decal M-35 real or fake?

Article about: Stamps are very faint but they are there. Thanks!

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    Default SS double decal M-35 real or fake?

    Stamps are very faint but they are there. Thanks!

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    MAP is online now


    Can't say I can help you on the decals Danny. I'm sure the guys will be around.

    I would suspect it is an ET or maybe a Quist. Still learning how to ID buy sight alone.


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    Personally I would about face and double time outta there my son...... it all looks very contrived to me ( decal aging & 'halo'/ a "dusted" patina / rivets been played with on ( possible liner swap ) ... that sort of thing.....
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    This was just posted by same OP

    SS M-18 double decal, real or fake?

    bad decals. These are the same as on this one. So it's bad, as Danmark says walk away. Was hoping it might have a chance but it's not to be I'm afraid.

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    Hi, as said, these are not genuine decals, and looking at the size of the vent hole over the party shield I am not even sure that it is an original shell that's been re-worked. Looks like aged Chinese rubbish to me. Leon.
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    was going to say, i don't even like the shell

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    Gawd almighty no.


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    Agree with the others. Apart from the obviously cleaned areas around the decals being a huge red flag, the 'purely by chance' damage to the break area of the runic decal is too much to overlook.

    If it is cheap it could do as a filler in a collection but for me, I couldn't stand it.

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    Really appreciate the help thanks guys!

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    It would serve you well to read through this thread...

    Advice for new helmet collectors looking for that elusive SS helmet

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