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stahlhelm (help me)

Article about: The eagle looks too big to be a RAD decal, but either way a refund should be forthcoming

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    Quote by mannfred View Post
    if it was repainted after the war i would feel screwed by him
    I think you can have that cigarette now.....
    Sorry, but I believe you have been lied to, mate.
    Can you not return it?


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    maybe trying to be this? NSKK.

    Or possibly this, SA.

    I don't like it however, it does not look period to me.

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    You should post much better photos away from outside windows and no flash glare. Also take a closeup head on of the insignia, turn your cameras macro (flower) setting to ON position. Take complete photos of the helmet not just little bits so we can see it all clearly.
    From what you've posted so far I would say you got screwed.

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    actually it was a good friend om me who bought it on internet,
    he already posseded 1, this was his second, he sold it to me,
    i hope he can arrange something for me,
    if not possible its a very sad thing
    many thanks anyway!

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    here i got some other photos i took today,
    but im at work now,
    il post beter ones later, also 1 with the liner
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture stahlhelm (help me)   stahlhelm (help me)  

    stahlhelm (help me)   stahlhelm (help me)  

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    I say bogus.

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    Judging by the size of the eagle i would say its purporting to be a NSKK decal but its missing the scroll above , but because of that fact i would also say its time for a refund

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    Agreed. Refund time.

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    m42 wehrmacht helmet 4sure! probarly a rad reissue.

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