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stahlhelm help needed

Article about: There sure are SS and I would agree it looks like a British chinstrap.

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    Default stahlhelm help needed

    good evening all ,i found this old referance picture in a book recently and my first thought to the stahlhelm in the bottom left of the picture was of a beaded m35 or m40 ,do you think im seeing things ,i know the quality of the picture isnt to good ,i just cant see how frontline troops would have one ,any ideas guysstahlhelm help neededstahlhelm help needed

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    Looks like an innertube camo ring to me mate!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    Quote by Gunny Hartmann View Post
    Looks like an innertube camo ring to me mate!...
    The others seem to also have them on their helmets.

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    Ditto on Gunny. Imagine it is about 1.5 inches thick and trace it up the shell around that distance (also look at his mates' helmets ). It's slightly wobbly too where the beads were not. I have seen this very pic before though and thought the same thing at first, so you asked a very good question. In 1941 I'd never expect a front line soldier to be wearing a beaded lid.

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    I concur, a clear top and bottom to the rubber ring. But good eyes, James

    stahlhelm help needed

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    many thanks guys for your explanations on this one ,no harm in asking i quess ,i did notice the other soldiers had foliage bands but this one just looked different to me ,maybe the lighter colouration of the band comparative to the stahlhelm also the smaller cross section of the band too ,cheers james

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    Rubber ring.
    But beaded helmets were used in combat but late war.

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    Looks also like a m42 helmet because of the raw edge , i am sure they never made a beaded raw edge helmet?

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    many thanks chris i never realised they were used later on in the war

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    Kradman Here a m42 beaded.
    stahlhelm help neededstahlhelm help needed

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