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Stalingrad relic M35.

Article about: Hi guy's, I found this interesting M35 Helmet on a Stalingrad relic site a while back and thought i would share it with the forumIt's very unusual as it appear's to have cammo paint under th

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    And yet-99% of these fake helmets from Volgograd. Many people in Russia know what they do a lot of fakes.There are good artists,but do not know the history.
    Ask the people who are engaged in excavation 15-20 years-no have never seen such absurd labels on the helmets.And then for two years was a whole series of these funny helmets.
    I do and see a fake.I see this style.I still have the examples I showed, not all.
    My job is to warn and to Express their opinion.Many people in Russia laughed at these fakes.And not only in Russia,collectors from European countries as well laugh at them.To solve each.
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    It is not completely unknown for German Troops to mark their lids in some way but it was certainly a very uncommon practice ! Artem many thanks for giving us the heads up about these Helmets cleary many people have bought them over the years believing them to be from certain units which would increase the value.
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    Artel might I ask if you know anything of these relic helmets with barbed wire wrapped around them?

    They seemed to have just shown up out of nowhere, without an historical evidence or photos of them in wear.

    We have seen several here lately.

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    Hi Artem,

    Thanks for the info on the preservation.

    As I stated I am not aware of the origin of this particular helmet as it was not found by me or any of my associates. I don't doubt your claims about many doctored helmets but it is odd that if the faker who does not have command of the German language would use a unit designation which is defunct from the order of battle at Stalingrad. That's why this particular helmet intrigues me.

    I totally stand by my first helmet shown with IR 15 designation as I was with my Russian friend when it was dug up. Also it correlates with the location in which it was found. Personal items from the 297 ID and 29 ID were found in the area very much well preserved in the sandy soil conditions. In this case there is faint writing on the back rim which is almost impossible to make out but I believe it's the soldiers name. They are rare but out there according to the diggers I know in Volgograd. So I wouldn't discount them all.

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    I have no qualms about the first one posted, at all --- in the case of the other one I agree with "Artem 1945", it's totally of the same overwrought type as the others... I recognize the second one you posted, dagwood... I think it might even have been discussed on here before? There's no doubt that these command more/attract more potential buyers than the totally unmarked ones, so it will inevitable be an area of exploitation for the fakers... buyer beware.

    Some of the ones "Artem 1945" posted are trying so hard to be attributed to a unit and individual that it becomes parody. But, again... as stated before, they do exist but not readily available, at all. For the most part you'll see unmarked, then there's initials/name, possibly rank and FP number but rarely fully written out unit designations.

    All that said, I'm sure people on here would be grateful to "Artem 1945" for showing us more of his relative inside info on Russian/eastern European fakery of this kind.

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    Still here masters of fakes so do - apply new paint, do it old. Still have for some reason closed up a hole from a bullet. And there was a good helmet fighting. From Stalingrad. I saw him when he was real.
    To everyone to solve most. Be more careful. All fakes only from Volgograd. More in Russia I in other cities didn't see it.
    Outside Russia in Poland the group of people does.
    If that write, I am always glad to help.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Stalingrad relic M35.   Stalingrad relic M35.  

    Stalingrad relic M35.   Stalingrad relic M35.  

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    dagwood, I have no doubts in your first I.R.15 helmet - it is good. About him there was no speech. Good helmet.

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    Thanks Artem for your knowledge in this area. You have brought to light many interesting points about these marked helmets. Nice pictures!

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    Here's the detail on the backside of the helmet which in its current state illegible at least to me. Interesting that I can see 'shadows' of lettering where the paint has sluffed off. I suspect it's the owners name, maybe with rank? I'm afraid that the acid would remove this delicate paint. Any thoughts?
    Stalingrad relic M35.Stalingrad relic M35.Stalingrad relic M35.

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    As long as it's not too strong or you leave it in the acid too long, you should get the name up a bit brighter. Here is the before & after with my example.

    Stalingrad relic M35. Stalingrad relic M35. Stalingrad relic M35.

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