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Stubborn guy with a shell

Article about: by theduke635 A couple wartime photo's of the Shiney Kompfgrouppe the first pic is Elton Johns Grand Papa (i'm a stinker!) (P.S. \\$50 in Duke fun bucks if you can name the play) ok duke im th

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    Default Stubborn guy with a shell

    ok so i tried calling this guy to tell him that noone is going to buy his helmet for $1,200. I told him the value of the helmet and that I was just trying to be nice and that he isnt going to get that much for it. he insisted that because it has stamps it's authentic and its worth that much. i believe that its a real shell, but he cant grasp the concept that when the original paint and liner are taken out the value diminishes greatly. he said his uncle took it back from the war and that it had paint and a decal on it as well as a liner, but he repainted the helmet, took out the liner, and now he doesnt know where the liner is!

    give this guy an email, and set him on the right path

    Authentic,WW II German NAZI Helmet, $1,200 obo or trade for an auto
    Attached Images Attached Images Stubborn guy with a shell Stubborn guy with a shell 

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    well i think if he wants to be an idiot then who are we to stop him ,,its his human??? right to be a twat if he wants to cheers ian

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    well the problem is he's googled German helmets seen a few go for high prices & thinks he's is worth the same but what he dosent seem to understand is the fact that what has been done to it has totally ruined any chance of ever getting a good price for it & he sounds like a guy that wont be told otherwise so don't waist your breath trying to help him out just leave well alone & he simply just wont sell his item its as simple as that.

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    Stupid is as stupid does.........................

    What an idjit !


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    Default Re: Stubborn guy with a shell

    BUT....there isn`t another one in the whole world just like it,it is truly one of a kind....

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    Default Re: Stubborn guy with a shell

    If anyone buys that at the price indicated, well then they are well suited together, both idiots. Takes all sorts.

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    Default Re: Stubborn guy with a shell

    He says he'll trade for a car.......perhaps I have a hot wheels that he'd be interested in! hahahahaha


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    Default Re: Stubborn guy with a shell

    You'd probably make more selling the Hot Wheels car!

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    Default Re: Stubborn guy with a shell

    Folks, I bought this helmet ..What you "experts" dont understand is that this is a very rare SA/SS/Heer/Luftwaffe triple decal helmet factory chromed for the elite Shiney Kopfgruppe they where eliminated pretty quickly at the start of the war ..but that was mostly due to the sequin uniforms and snappy white jack boots......Elton John's Grand father founded the unit .....This is no joke Google it !!!

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    Default Re: Stubborn guy with a shell

    He must be joking

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