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sv militaria anyone had dealings with them

Article about: hi guys has anyone had any helmets from sv militaria thoughts please

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    Default sv militaria anyone had dealings with them

    hi guys has anyone had any helmets from sv militaria thoughts please

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    I have had good luck with this dealer. One slight issue is he is sometimes not immediately responsive. Jim G.

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    Bought some good items in the past but a nightmare to get hold of!!!

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    Haha--- as noted, near IMPOSSIBLE to reach but other than that you should be good to go.

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    + 1, i'm in France, I sent mails.....nothing, so I ask to a friend of WRF, he tried to call this site, nobody, one week later he had the man : the piece I wanted was sold.

    In this time I understood that selling was not important for him.....
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Still cant get hold of the guy at sv militaria has anyone got any other contact details for him cheers

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    If you have to work this hard to give the man your hard earned cash, it's almost not worth it with SV. There are plenty of other dealers who actually have customer servise.

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    I only know the phone number and email, as posted on his site, other than that I guess you would have to get help from someone that knows him/lives nearby or something.

    I've got one helmet from him but that one I got indirectly via a US collector that had it first and acquired it through svmilitaria... my attempts at contacting him directly for it were futile. He's got some great stuff at good prices but it's just a shame it seems more of a hobby to be taken lightly rather than a business to him. I guess he has enough customers to keep him afloat either way so he probably just doesn't care. And, after all... consider the name of the shop itself Not trying to be negative about the guy personally, as he seems nice enough, but he just REALLY stands out like a sore thumb in this regard among ALL of the other online militaria dealer I've ever dealt with.... and the list is getting pretty long.

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    This man have a site but is not interested by looking mails, the only solution : to go at his shop, if he is inside!
    For me, it's finished !
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    I've tried in the past to buy some binoculars from him, never got a reply, so that was that..

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