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Is there any hope for this Lid??

Article about: I am just Going to tell myself that the decals were already scratched off from the end of the war and someone tried to paint them back on thinking they could make more money when they sold i

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    Default Is there any hope for this Lid??

    I purchased this helmet from a guy a few years ago that said a friend of his father brought it home from WWII..LOL!!
    I only gave a few dollars because I thought the liner might be okay at least and I put it away and forgot about it until now. I am no expert, but it appears this is a completely bogus lid. Can you guys tell me if there is anything on this helmet that is worth keeping? Also as I took a closer look at the decal, it looks like someone painted over an original swas. Is there any chance that I could use some type of chemical to remove the paint to see what is underneath without destroying the original decal if there is one?

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    Hi , well as you have noted , the painted on decals are post war/fantasy. Sometimes GI's did this to "enhance" a souvenir but whether that's the case with this one I could not tell you. I think the steels paintwork maybe ok , just waxed. The helmet liner pins are new replacements, the liner as you say may well be an original one. The chinstrap also looks to be a fake. Leon.
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    Ok at first I LOL ,
    Looks like freshly painted decal .

    You could try acetone , but be gentle , it might damage what's under

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    who done that.?

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    Quote by harryamb2 View Post
    who done that.?
    I don't know who did it but I wish they wouldn't have. The shell looks like it was a good one at some point!

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    Thanks Leon, being that the pins are repo and have obviously been messed with anyway I think I will remove the liner to see it is an original. I will post photos later to verify.

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    Q60 ? a very small shell indeed...

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    Default Decals

    Yes this is a very small helmet, but it looks like it used to be a true double decal German helmet at one time. I didn't take the liner pins out because I looked closer and found they are marked D&C 1943 which I posted a photo. (are these repo pins?) Also I used acetone and it removed the paint fairly easy and left the outline of the original decals. I am not sure what the what they were but they didn't rub off with the newer paint. I would much rather have a helmet with the decals scratched off rather then the "junk" paint job that was on it.
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    The pins may be real and could be a reissue. The liner appears to be a late war pigskin.

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    according to the book

    M40 Q60 490 double decal POLI BD ZSH SM

    so looks like someone screwed up a double decal police M40

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