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Thinking of going all in on this one...

Article about: What do you guys think? I feel like I'm being a bit desperate looking for the right Camo, but still[ATTACH=CONFIG]938847

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    Default Thinking of going all in on this one...

    What do you guys think? I feel like I'm being a bit desperate looking for the right Camo, but I crazy with this one?Name:  RD Camo.jpg
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    It looks black with gray turtle camo, correct?

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    I can already tell you, larger and more clear pictures will be required for anyone to give you a good assessment. It's an unusual pattern though, it would be neat if it turns out legit!

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    Mate, by the general tone of your last few posts, you have money to burn & want
    to burn it in a hurry. This can be a dangerous combination. The helmet in question
    is not exactly cheap. I am not a helmet guy as such, but as Nathan above says
    the helmet has an unusual pattern. My advice would be to curb your impatience,
    take your time, & make sure you buy the right helmet.

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    Hi, looks to me as though this one was possibly a post war over paint that was then stripped back in such a way as to make it look like a cammo type. Leon.
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    Daylight photos required Sir. and please remember old paint sometimes fades into other "colors"
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    You guys are right. I had a few deals fall through in the last few days, and I sold some good stuff to fund it, and it's left me feeling sore....probably best to keep my powder dry for the next time something good actually does come along. Thanks for the sage advice.

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    I cannot comment on originality of the camo paint job here, but i have seen and handled a helmet with an almost identical camo that was a good one without a doubt, it was a Kriegsmarine helmet out of the Pocket of Royan in western France...

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    My friend, don't buy out of frustration. We have all been there and nothing good comes from it. Turtle camo helmets are very rare. A good friend of mine has one that he just got at the SOS and he can tell you that they're very tough to authenticate. If you're not skilled in camo helmets than I would suggest sticking with your plain single and double decals. They're not as exciting but typically present fewer doubts when up for authentication. Don't be in a rush to part with your hard earned money as you may not get it back. Chin up and keep looking.

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