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thoughts on my cheap german m40 helmet

Article about: Well picked this up for \\$55 but got advice first and most you guys said pass on it and I was going to since i only had the sellers pics, well it came in today and I am glad I bought it even

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    Default thoughts on my cheap german m40 helmet

    Well picked this up for $55 but got advice first and most you guys said pass on it and I was going to since i only had the sellers pics but i jad to know for sure so i gambled and had to get it,well it came in today and I am glad I bought it even tho it been poorly restored and I mean it was done over 35 yrs ago, it has a French 2nd pattern Adrian liner in it but original German band, the shell is ether a se66 or et66 can't really make out the letters only the numbers due to thick paint, the batch number is ether 8823 or 3823 maybe you guys can tell me also I can tell there's not much pitting under the paint and under the liner you can see the original paint where the person didn't use the gray paint and still has a very faint dome stamp which I will try and get a better pic of but over all my first original German m40 shell even tho its really messed with

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    At the risk of being harsh, I personally think you wasted $55. It's not remotely close to anything resembling a real German M40 helmet. You'd have been better off spending the $55 on a good helmet book. Save your money, don't buy junk, for $500 buy a real M40 with original paint and liner and not an ex-relic that has been very poorly restored.

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    I agree Doug but some of us can't afford the nicer helmets like some of you guys can, bills come first and with a $9 hr job you get what you can afford at the time, this helmet is going to be back to original relic condition, the liner is going into my ww2 French m26 so I don't think I wasted $55

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    $9 an hour??? You guys have it tough over there!!! ( but as Doug said, all the more reason to watch your hard-earned greenbacks )
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Would have to agree with Doug. 9$ an house is Thankfully illegal in Australia, you guys do indeed have to do the hard yards in the US

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    Yea I know Denmark, but as I said only afford what you can get and this shell is a lot better shape then some of the relic helmets I seen go for and for $55 the liner is worth that at least it's not a repo liner but a original French m26 liner which I do need, there's a guy here where I live who restores relic helmets you might know him as easy green and won't hurt anything on this helmet since its already been messed with, btw yea we do have it bad over here

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    I agree wholeheartedly with Doug, but in the end, it's your money and your level of satisfaction that matters, because it's your $55. It's not a helmet I would sink $55 into, but if the liner works for you than hey, whatever floats your boat. My pockets aren't lined with gold, either, but the mortgage and electricity is always paid on time, so with a little budgeting I can snag some nice helmets over time. I'm not buying a dozen helmets at a time like some guys can, and I don't own an SS helmet, but I buy what I can on the budget I allot for my collecting and I'm quite content with that. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters.

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    9 U.S. Dollars equals 11.72 Australian Dollars...

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    Let's see what's underneath all that. I'm sure you can do a better job than the previous owner and it will make a nice display for you. Congrats on your first shell. You can always upgrade later.

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    For not much more you can buy a mint replica with decals that don't look cartoony. You get the same thing, something in the general shape of a WW2 German helmet as neither represents any sort of real history. In any case I would think if money is that tight buying this maybe was not a wise decision from a priority perspective and will be hard to sell when the time comes. When things are better you can buy better. Just my 2 cents.

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