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Two Helmets?

Article about: These two helmets are being auction not far from me. Any thoughts on them? Sorry for the small pictures, I tried to get better ones but they haven't replied back yet. Thanks

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    Default Two Helmets?

    These two helmets are being auction not far from me. Any thoughts on them? Sorry for the small pictures, I tried to get better ones but they haven't replied back yet.


    Name:  helmet2.jpg
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Name:	helmet7.jpg 
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ID:	930058Name:  helmet8.jpg
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    The Heer is a one looker for me, but I'm less sure about the's pretty shiny. I defer to the experts on that one. Good luck!

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    Aieee! Who is putting the lids upside down on a deck like that?! Scratches the top of the dome. OK so far but we'll need a much better photo of the LW Adler. NH

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    Heer looks ok, the Luft may have had an overpaint removed.

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    Hi, I think they are both ok, but as ever, some good decal close-ups are needed to be sure. As said, the Luftwaffe helmet looks to have been stripped back or over cleaned at some stage, but it is still nice. Leon.
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    Both look honest to me!...
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    Both look good to me to

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    Thank you guys for the thoughts on them.

    Just curious what do you think would be a good price to pay for them? Thanks again

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    Love the Heer lid! When it comes to labeling a price on a certain piece, everyone is different. For me it is a nice looking helmet. The decal is solid, the liner looks complete and pliable, 3/4 of the chinstrap remain and it sounds like a woodwork piece. For me I would give 500 dollars. I know it hasn't been mentioned, but the liner pins have a different paint on them than the shell, which is a good indicator that it has been out of the helmet at some point...the question is when.

    As for the early bird LW lid, it looks as it has been over cleaned a few times, but still an honest piece. I would be around 400 bucks on it.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_2653.jpg 
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ID:	931905Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	IMG_2656.jpg 
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    I went to the auction today and took a look at them. I decided to pass on bidding on them and not sure what they sold for. But I took couple more pictures of the decals. As stated earlier, the LW lid was cleaned and Im not sure if the liners(the inside band almost looked brand new). The pins on each helmet were different colors then the helmet.

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