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Unknown decal

Article about: by Collectorww2 Pictures aren't working for me +1

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    Default Unknown decal

    Unknown decal
    Hello, could anyone advise me on the decal I have discovered on a helmet I have just purchased. It appears to be in the form of a shield with a row of clubs on the top section and a lion? or similar holding an axe. any assistance in this would be grately appreciated. Mike

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    Hi, its a post war Norwegian decal, used on re-issued German Helmets. If you have a look at the one on this thread here, you'll see the same type of decal in better condition: Norwegian helmet



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    Default Re: Unknown decal

    Many thanks for the quick response!

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    Default Re: Unknown decal

    Danny is exactly right.

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    Norsk Decal ja :P

    To be honest, I see no value mate.. I've had a few of these (I'm Norwegian) and well the only value is maybe the story itself.

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    They are becoming collectable in their own way, and although not overly valuable they are an original German helmet,

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    Well, they are overpainted, new decals and a new liner I think.
    So the only value is the shell. But it's a helmet

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    I believe the liners are the original German ones only dyed red, so that makes these particular helmets: 100% original German ww2, original liner and shell with a new coat of paint +decals applied in an "official" capacity, as opposed to some random and botched fantasy job.
    These definitely have a history to them and it's obvious to me that these are gaining in monetary value... as a Norwegian collector, newbie at that, I find these interesting and quite collectable. Obviously not in the same capacity as original untouched specimens, but still... collectable --- In my humble opinion.

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    I would like one, why not. If I was to get one though it would be a minty example I think. Mint they go for $200+, or somewhere around that.

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    The story of the helmet is as follows:-
    I purchased it from someone on ebay who was advertising it as a M40 3 colour camo model. When it arrived I noted it had a layer of lacquer on the surface. The liner looked a deeper colour than ones I had seen before but was stamped, the chinstrap looked a little new. I presumed that if it was genuine german issue, it should have the remnants of the original decals beneath the camo paint. I , therefore, decided to scrape back the lacquer first, then the paint around the decal areas. On one side the decal was badly damaged but on the other, I could make out a shield with a row of clubs running along the top section, then an axe, a claw and finally a tail.
    I did trawl through a couple of sites that offer repro decals but did not see any that resembled mine.
    Hence I came to this site and thanks to you chaps, was informed of its norwegian connection. I am still unsure whether to ditch the 3 colour camo paint job or leave as is. Any suggestions? regards, Mike

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