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Value of German Medics Helmet

Article about: Post good photos before you buy.

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    Post good photos before you buy.

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    They are fake a lot so post clear pictures.

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    Threads like this are like saying you have a rare diamond, but not telling us the size, clarity, cut or weight and not allowing it to be seen or showing any photos, but expecting a jeweler to give you a value solely based on it being a diamond. How could anyone make an accurate appraisal? Photos, and greatly detailed photos at that, are required for such a thread. Anything short of that is pointless.

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    poster should read the sticky's.

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    Sometimes its not possible to get photos of items, and as in this case the guy is asking for a idea of price. He seems confident that the helmet is what it is supposed to be and therefore would have to take any prices given and decidefor himself what he offers against what he has seen in the helmet. I realise thats not ideal for us here on the forum but any help offered would be gratefully recieved I am sure. Again the price from place to place will vary thats for sure, but if we are talking about a genuine helmet in good condition then you won;t go to far wrong at 1000. But as stated you the guyer has to be sure of what your buying and not take the hump if you learn some time in the future you have got hold of a wrong one. I hope you get it, I hope its right..... fortune favours the brave.
    I have attached a picture of mine, without question original and off the Island of Jersey.
    All the best,
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    Hi Sean , as we all say "buy the item not the story". I'm sure your friend is a good guy but the passage of 70+ years can alter the "history" of an item. The helmet could have been whitewashed by the neighbours dog in 1946 and picked up by the vet afterwards. Seventy years later and BINGO , you have a very old medic's helmet. Be cautious my friend. Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    I will I have inspected the helmet in hand, I have also had the privilege to see his father awards and discharge papers. His father gave him this helmet as is, it was not altered he just called it an old medics helmet. I understand that so many times people buy the story and not the item but this is not the case. I really do appreciate all your time in posting your opinion but I believe pictures will really clear this up. As soon as I can get photos I can post them thanks for your time again

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    Thanks for the advise the helmet is quite similar to the one posted in color and age. I really do appreciate you advise thanks

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    Quote by gel65 View Post
    I understand that so many times people buy the story and not the item but this is not the case.
    The most dangerous deals are often the most convincing. This bit of collector advice should always be the case. I would hate for you to acquire this helmet just to have us shoot it down. Photos before anything goes down, until then this thread is pretty much irrelevant!

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    I agree with ObKrieger. This is even more so with such a dangerous area as medic helmets. PLEASE post pics before you spend your hard earned cash or you might regret it!

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