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Value of German Medics Helmet

Article about: Post good photos before you buy.

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    Default Value of German Medics Helmet

    Hello All, I have an opportunity to obtain an original german medics helmet from a vets son. The helmet is white painted with a red cross on the front it has the chin strap and liner and the condition is very good, it also is named on the inside. I have known and worked with the vets son for about 2 years. I have see it along with paper work from his father and other items he has brought back he is offering to sell it to me. I would like to know the going price of a german medics helmet for now I do not have pictures, which I know is not the best but I would just like a basic idea of what a helmet like this is worth. When I get the chance I will post pictures if I can get them, Thanks for your time
    Sean F

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    You have a lot of details to add to this post - including a picture to generate any sort of advice on a price Boss..... No one knows- paint condition (real or fake), liner condition, chin strap, etc. You will not get any real replies to this without those key things partner.... Price could be any where from $200 - $1,300.....

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    Medics helmets from any nation need to be approached cautiously as many were recreated post war or faked out right.

    That being said, without detailed pictures it is near impossible to place a value. If all original and documented, Could be well north of $1300 as that would only be a starting place.
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    I am certain it is authentic is the white paint is aged and have changed color with age thanks for your thoughts John

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    I do understand it is hard to get an idea without pictures but I should have them soon. What is the going price for a medics helmet in fair condition

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    Do not rely on the colour of the paint, this can easily be aged and would look pretty convincing if done well, only pictures would give anyone an idea of authenticity, an even then hard to tell unless in hand and solid provenance

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    99% of german camo medic helmets are fake, aged looking paint is not a guarentee by a long shot, they are pretty rare, just ask doug, I am sure he will chime in. photos are needed, good clear close up photo's of every nut and bolt and nook and cranny, value would be a few thousand I assume.

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    $1000, $2000, $4000? No valuation is going to work without some good pics I'm afraid, not with a helmet like that. It is easy to say the basic price in a given condition for a common helmet but not a medic.

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    Thanks I wish I had a picture to post but thanks for the help non the less

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    Be VERY careful. Medic helmets, real ones that is, are amoung the rarest of TR helmets.

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