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Vet Art Helmet for review.

Article about: Hi,just my opinion but i think the vet "art" is fairly recent.On the picture where the place name VEGESACK is,the K is right on top of a well worn pin,looking every bit as good as

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    Default Re: Vet Art Helmet for review.

    Not one for me.

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    Default Re: Vet Art Helmet for review.

    Well i kinda like it and dont like it, there is certainly a lot of personal history there(if legit), the helmets a good transitional with a good decal and decent liner, the one thing i see thats missing is where the helmet came from, where did the GI take the helmet from, who from, it would be more convincing to me if the GI "bragged" where he took it from, surely that would be a "normal" type of inscription just so his family and friends knew , did he take it from a soldier he captured, from a building, from a pile left behind etc, that and the fact there is no mention of his name worries me slightly, but ,at the end of the day its got to be your gut reaction to this in hand

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    Well, Dave....after meticulously painting his long road trip in the Service on it-including when and where he got wounded, it would look kind of silly to add on it "Found dumped and picked up from drainage ditch in a pile of pig manure outside of Cherbourg"...
    Personally, the painted lettering looks wholey legitimate to me and I think it's a cool souvenir that the GI did when he got back home and wanted to make a illustration of where he'd been, to sit on his shelf and tell his journey. $1500 bucks is a bit Stiff, I think, but that's in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I agree, it would look silly to say that, perhaps "helmet obtained in" what ever country he was in at the time might be more suitable

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    I have a duffel bag as part of a larger grouping to Sgt Charles Mann FSSF and it has his postings written on the reverse much like this. I spoke to Mr Mann a couple of weeks ago and we talked about this for a while. He was posted in my city for a while too! Point being this looks consistent with what I know has been done before, like Frank says get it in hand and your gut should be the best determining factor. Good luck.

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    Thanks for thoughts on helmet.
    Putting this artwork on a helmet generally wont increase its value so I believe its off the era or abit after etc.
    I don,t know what to do on this helmet.
    Rgds Pete

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    Default Re: Vet Art Helmet for review.

    If you don't love it now you won't love it later. Pass.

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    Default Re: Vet Art Helmet for review.

    The asking price is $1,500? I'd save my money, to be honest. It looks good but vet art helmets can be found for much less.

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    Default Re: Vet Art Helmet for review.

    imo $1500 is way overpriced, and that's also why it has not been sold yet!!
    It's a good helmet, and the vet's art makes it a bit more special,even added postwar. nothing more nothing less.

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    Default Re: Vet Art Helmet for review.

    Thanks for everyones input.
    I decided to give it a miss.
    Rgds peter

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