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Volkssturm helmet for review

Article about: I have been after this helmet for 3 months and finally have it in hand for inspection. The helmet is a vet bring back, that sat in the shop/garage for years. Glue was spilled on the helmet,

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    Sort of looks like it. When I say a kid playing with it I meant it is a real helmet that might have become a plaything. Heck, we played army in the back yard with an original Japanese paratrooper rifle! I repainted an original M42 Norwegian helmet twice to suit my fancy back in the 1970s and wore it while playing in the back yard. Someone with more knowledge of helmets needs to give you some feedback at this point. NH

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    I'm thinking the paint and eagle were done by a Biker or a kid years ago...
    cheers, Glenn
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    I have a message in for the owner to call me. Being a biker helmet hmmm, A good thought,maybe the vet rode bikes after the war. The helmet was came from a gentleman who got in straight from the grandson. The seller is a collector of US items and not German items. This would be a private purchase not a website buy. Marty
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    When I first saw the helmet my first thought was a factory workers helmet. The helmet has wear on the top and on the rim consistant with everyday use.
    I found out the Vet was a merchant marine and got the helmet in a trade with another vet.
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    Hello again Marty, those are good clear pictures mate. Personally I feel that this was painted post war, especially as the liner was out during the process. It Is certainly very old paint, but for me it is not WW2 period. Leon.
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    If only these things could talk... I'm reposting the image so it's on this page ;-) It's odd for sure for a few different reasons. It's not been made to fool anyone... if anyone did this to any helmet now they know they would be ruining it, so it probably dates back to? Maybe it a biker helmet? Lots of drugs around back then... Then there's the sand color, why? To offset the black eagle, someone's artistic vision? Maybe just a kid's play helmet? This paint is obviously very old...

    I cropped it and made it pop a little better.

    Volkssturm helmet for review

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    Information from the grandson it was not a bikers helmet. Was it a post war trade souvenir? The wear is what is getting me, how did it get some much wear. The grandson did not play with maybe his dad played with it, but again that is a lot of wear. Marty
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    Quote by tank destroyer View Post
    My thought as to it being a volkssturm helmet is due to the insignia found on Volkssturm armbands. Image posted. I truly do not believe in anyway this is a kids helmet. Question,is if it were a kids or post war would a Vet or kid but a large Swastica on the front, why would you put a insignia like this one. Marty
    Most likely done by a German trying to add some glitz to a helmet to help the sale to a soldier. As i previously mentioned, I have seen several helmets such as this one with suprious painted on large eagles that came out from vets back in the 1960's


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    Well if the masses say post war, I guess I can send the helmet back. Well my hopes were dashed.
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    if it wasn't expensive I'd keep it , looks old anyway.

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