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War Relics Classifieds

Article about: I am new to WR, a little over a year. I have never purchased off the classifieds. I do not want to offend anyone. Are all the items listed on War Relics Classifieds legitimate items and the

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    Quote by wpheaton View Post
    Hi Guys, I have come to really value your input and direction. I have been searching the classifieds and here is my question, please don't beat me up. Dave Shirlin has a M1935 Early Luftwaffe DD Helmet for $700, Item #2674. It's issues are a touched up National Colors, a probable replaced liner and no chinstrap. I really would like a DD M1935 but could never afford what most of them go for. Do you think that this helmet is a good investment?

    Thanks in Advance for your responses,

    William, I don't know anything about helmets, but I think the best investment is usually an original item in top condition, even if it's something less common. Nice items are much easier to sell because there are far fewer of them and far more who want them. That goes for anything, and not just militaria, in my opinion.

    I don't think there's much in the way of German militaria that's a 'bad' investment per se, but I think some things are a better investment than others. What I like about it is that it's a hobby that doesn't really cost much money, because most or all of it can be gleaned back if necessary by liquidating some items (hard as that may be).

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    If your buying Militaria for investment purposes your in the wrong gig.

    If you think you can make money down the road on a $700 messed with helmet I'd think again.

    But if you like it for what it is then it's money well spent.

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    Thanks to all of you for your opinions and advice. I do consider what you have to say. I have liked militaria since I was a kid. I am finally able to purchase some now that my kids are grown. I collect for the pure pleasure of owning a piece of history. I am not in it for the investment but I do think the items will hold their value. I would love to be able to buy the $1500 mint condition M1935 DD Luftwaffe but the $700 messed with helmet is even a stretch for me. Keep the replies coming. I enjoy and appreciate hearing from you. Thanks to all, Erno, Goon Doug, Marty, Tank Destroyer, Fallschirmjager, M38, Helmetone, Kradspam, and all the rest.

    Your FRiend


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    For $700 it's a nice helmet if you are ok with having to sell at perhaps a small loss down the road. Collect for the connection to history and then it's always a sound decision.

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    I am with Doug, I would not buy these items for investment. They may go up in value, they may not, but that's not the real reason we collect. You say you enjoy history, as do the rest of us, so collector that reason and not in the hopes of making a huge profit when it comes time to sell. I have a limited budget so I try to make wise purchases and not throw my money at everything I see. I also study what I want to buy and I don't stray too far off the beaten path. And when I do resell an item from my collection, I just hope to make back what I paid for the item. I'm happy with thy. Ultimately it's your money so if you like a messed with helmet for $700 then that's your decision. Personally, I would keep saving and buy a great, unmessed with helmet. You won't be happy with a messed with helmet.

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    Thanks Doug & Helmetone,

    I should just save for a while. I have a tendency to find something I think I can afford right now instead of being patient and saving.


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    Check out my grandfather's WWII Canadian Army Uniform & caps. Western Allies, clothe headgear, & uniforms.


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