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''Wehrmacht Combat Helmets 1933-45''

Article about: I just bought the book, in your opinion, is it a reliable source of information? Thanks.

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    Never looked in that book but the writer also has a helmet website which is pretty outdated to today's standards. We learned a lot about German helmets in the past 7 or so years and the site has not picked up on that. I think the book will probably lack important information but is a good resource on the organisations using the helmets.

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    Your better off to buy the Ken N book.
    This book came with my mail today. Great book indeed!!! :-)))

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    Quote by helmet2id View Post
    Hi Andy, I have heard that there would not be a second printing. It would be wonderful for new and veteran collectors alike who do not yet have the book if it were to be reprinted, as copies are now only available at exorbitant prices! It really is the best refernce book out there. Jim G.
    Well, I've mailed Ken couple of weeks ago because I was looking for his book and to ask him or he maybe still has a copy or so. No luck. But,
    he did told me that there probably would be a reprint in 2014. So, we'll see!

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    Perhaps I should sell my copy while they are expensive and hard to get before any reprint edition is published.

    Ken's book is the the best while the thread starter, which I also have, is basic at best, though it does cover the liner retaining rivets which Ken's book did not.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I own Brian Bell's (Ospery) book I find it useful on just a basic course on the combat helmets there are a lot of good things in it the Ken N book is very advanced my friend has a copy and I have read it several times good book also. timothy

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    Alright! Thanks for your contribution. I'll buy Ken's book later on. For now I'll just drain all the info I can get from Brian Bell's one.

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    MOTHER OF PEARL! Copies of Ken N.'s book are $350...each! For that price it better at least come with a helmet shell!
    Does anybody know of decent book that *doesn't* require a co-signer to purchase?

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    Sounds like the OP's book is a good basic starter, and at a tenner it seems good value.

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