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Wehrmacht double decal helmet. Decal help!!!

Article about: Hi, I was offered this wehrmacht helmet, wish to to be sure what decals are original and wait for your opinions.

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    I want to like it I just can't find it in me. There isn't really any interaction with the wire and shell for me, especially under the rim.

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    Circuit advertisement Wehrmacht double decal helmet. Decal help!!!
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    Just the looks of it makes me very uncertain as well -- it looks kind of right but then again it doesn't... tricky. Either way, it's better to err on the safe side imo -- meaning; walking away rather than spending money on something you may not be able to "get rid of" later down the line.

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    Hi Broady , well I think we are all agreed that the helmet itself is a very nice M35 double decal that's had a period re-paint. That early stamped liner is particually nice to see and quite rare! As for the chicken wire I am still on the fence with it , the question of whether you go for it really depends on how much is being asked for it? Leon.
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    It would depend on the price tag for me, definitely not worth the price of a period chickenwire lid. As previously said - the wire looks doubtful, but could be a fairly nice DD Heer re-issue underneath??


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    This is a tough one for sure!

    I think the wire has been there for awhile but whether 'awhile' means 10 years or 70 I can't say. If the price was right I would be tempted with this one but the question of whether the wire would remian on the lid would depend on an in-hand inspection and a magnifying glass. Sure is a nice looking example in all other respects.

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    Thumbs up on this beauty, decals, liner, chinstrap look original, as to the wire I cannot comment on it authoritively but it looks nice on the lid.

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    The decals are ok but the wire is almost certainly fake
    Thanks! Josh

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    Quote by Joshua R View Post
    The decals are ok but the wire is almost certainly fake
    Thanks! Josh
    As other known knowledgeable members are unsure on this, please explain how you have come to this conclusion?
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