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What is a better investment?

Article about: I have a question. What is a better investment, and I know this can be bias due to me posting to the helmet forum side. collection helmets or firearms? I know with helmets and firearms there

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    Very good topic Marty,and for me an easy question to answer why?simply because although I do like Guns,over here in the UK there all de-acts anyway plus they cost a hell of a lot more than M1's do,I should think both Helmets and guns would increase at roughly the same rate in the future..................

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    I agree in part with what is being said, however as a member of several Veteran's Orgainizations I have over the years had to advise several members who happen to be WWII Veterans to NOT sell their aquired souvenirs for the ridiculously low prices they were offered for them by some unscrupulous "collectors". I have also been given items by fellow veterans who know I collect such things.

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    I worked for Eldon & Sylvia Leasure of "Leasures Treasures" in Colorado Springs for about a year in 98-99, selling at shows from Colorado to SaltLakeCity and to the Great Western Show in LA...they've been in the Militaria/Gun/Collectibles Business for over 50 years now. That's where I picked up on many of the "nuances" in this hobby, particularly the subtle trends within the collector's community--The"What's hot and what's not", so to speak...I started collecting as a young kid in Germany long before the online market existed, when there were few books to be had, and when the subject-matter itself was still considered somewhat "Tabu" in Germany...and have grown up with this stuff by developing an almost obsessive thirst to learn more...But now my buying/collecting is focused on scoring those Gems that others tend to overlook on either US or German Ebay, or if a dealer has something on offer at an absurdly low price due to either his own lack of expertise, he can't read German, or because he's using an outdated PriceGuide...These are the #1 sources of my best scores, because otherwise I could never afford this hobby...There's a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in learning and collecting not felt by the person who just goes on an expensive shopping-spree and calls it a "Collection", in my opinion...Knowledge is your best ally, much better than money in this endeavor, and one of the most rewarding aspects of the Militaria-Collecting Experience...When you look back, you'll find that the value of your collection reflects your level of dedication...
    cheers, Glenn
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    An AC-44 P38 is not a big ticket value pistol. Naturally, the better condition it is in, along with the completeness of it(Does it have matching clips, holster, etc?) counts for a lot. Then too, it depends on what the helmet is that you are needing to sell. What kind is it-what condition, etc? Without knowing these things, it's difficult to advise what course to steer.

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    Default Helmet

    Maybe this one
    Attached Images Attached Images What is a better investment? What is a better investment? 
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    Default what about the P38? What are you looking at?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Sorry I did not post pictures of the p38 due to the fact that I started the thread on the helmet section. But I did post yesterday the p38 on the fire arm section. If the thread needs to be moved please move to the appropriate section. Marty

    What the heck here is a tease.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture What is a better investment?   What is a better investment?  

    What is a better investment?  
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    The P-38 is a beauty and I have always had an inclination towards them. In fact, although I'm sure many would cry "Blasphemy!", I've always thought the P-38 could run circles around the famous Lugers any day of the week. But, if you are searching for something that will go Up in value, you'd probably be better served with the Helmet. Right Now, the 2 shown are pretty much on equal standing with each other-valuewise. But, here in the US, in particular, there are many many P-38's available and I suspect that there will always be so, from the numbers brought back as well as the many thousands imported post-war in bulk. Plus, one never knows what bizarre new gun laws could be on the road in the future-one only has to look to the UK for what is possible someday here. But, a Helmet will Never be outlawed and they are iconic symbols, so you're probably safer going with it. (Personally, I'd go for them Both...but that's just Me being Me!)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Red face

    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    (Personally, I'd go for them Both...but that's just Me being Me!)
    Can't help but agree ! It's a bit of a tough call but I think that the helmet gets the nod. I think you'll regret if you sell it, whereas (provided you don't leave it too long ) there will be other P-38s.

    ( Sigh ! ) But I'd want to keep them both.............

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    Default Home

    New pistol is home. I will be selling an EK1,ww1 US trench knife and a k98 bayonet. I really did not want to sell the helmet. We all know.....well I know in the collecting world you can't keep everything oh, I try I really try. Marty
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