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What are these helmets worth #2

Article about: Take a few good pictures of the WW1 types, ( including the inside ) and do this also with the Tropenhelm ( this way we can determine if its german or italien ) perhaps they are worth somethi

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    IMO there are only a few helmets/shells in there that could be even sold as originals. Like some1 else said....u might be able to get AROUND 150 to 250 in the US if you "restore" in the correct color and put decals on em w/ fake liners and chinstraps. But even there, you are going to spend a decent amount of money buying a bunch of repro liners and junk just to "restore" them and sell them. So after all the work and time and money, is it seriosuly worth the profit?? Thats what I would ask myself. if anything.....if u get em cheap enough you could always sell the originals seperately and just try and rid yourself of the rest of the junk left over in one sale

    Plus there is always a bunch of idiots always buying junk helmets off ebay, but in my opinion you would just be doing a disservice to new collectors

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    If these are all being sold as a lot together, I would start a bid at 5 dollars a piece and go as high as 25 so that you can make some cash eventually by selling any untouched original that may be there for a good price and selling the rest as restorarion project shells if you don't restore them expertly yourself. If you do get them cheaply and have a real rare gem or two, I would keep those for myself and finance them by selling the rest fast and cheap to recover investment. Unlesss you know that you have a really good rare piece in that lot, bidding higher than 20 to 25 bucks per piece for the whole bunch is not prudent. Let us know how the auction goes.

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    It all goes down to preference.

    If people (collectors) try to buy cheap to make a quick killing and profit, then there are certain ground rules you have to follow.
    Invest in books, invest in time, invest in stock that sells, build up your clientèle, build up your reputation, and sell good items at a competitive price..................

    It all sounds easy, but it isn't...... you'll probably end up buying a few "nails" along the way, loose lots of money, get dis-heartened and feel like you just want to give it all up. But this hobby, is like a drug, you have to feed it, as it's inspiring, yet frustrating.

    If you are buying these helmets to keep and display, then that is your choice, but if buying to sell on, there really isn't any profit in it, and anyway, who wants to buy a restored lid?
    I would listen to the people that have made an interesting analysis, and comments, and save up for a decent lid that you can enjoy, instead of looking at a wanna be/could be.
    The title of the thread "how much are they worth" suggests you are after a re-sale on some or all. That in itself is not wrong, buy the whole lot, keep the best, and sell the rest at a reasonable price in order to get the ones you want for free.....................

    But it ain't easy

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    Quote by Schwerpunkt View Post
    I'll give you 1000$ for the lot , shipping on you.

    Joe from Kentucky
    you have changed, is it old age?

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    A touch of humour i suspect Ewan !!! Not quite in SP's area of collecting i think !!
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