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What is your Holy Grail of helmets?

Article about: Inspired by the recent thread of the photo with Himmler and Dietrich wearing their parade helmets in the SS helmet section by AZPhil, it begs the question: What is your Holy Grail of Helmets

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    Sgt rock beat me to it but a m35 DAK would do it for me too!

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    For me it would be an very nice drop dead original medic helmet with providence from the vet that fought in normandy.

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    Joachim Peiper's lid, now that a Holy Grail!

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    its simple for me a dd heer m35 in good condition. still havent been able to nail one of those yet. but for me the m35 dd army helmet was what i can remmber, always wanting since i was a kid. cheer mark

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    One of these

    What is your Holy Grail of helmets?

    What is your Holy Grail of helmets?

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    A named and documented Russian SSh-36 helmet from the Winter War, with the original star preserved.

    For a German helmet: A named SS-helmet from the encirclement of Kiestinki.

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    It would be an M35 or M40 with chicken wire.

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    Any original German helmet will do for me as I usually just have the 4 helmets that I got, a Dutch MkII a English MkII No.2c a MKIII and a french Adrian helmet. So any helmet will do for me as I dont have any axis or German helmets.

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    Mine would be a simple police helmet to complete this rig - Damned Wife!!!

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    M35 FHH for me.

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