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What's up with eBay selling helmets

Article about: I have noticed in the last couple of weeks there has been a number of helmet listed with swastika. I have even found a seller listing ek1 and ek2 and they are selling. A SS helmet sold for o

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    Cash is King some say, regards, Juan

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    Circuit advertisement What's up with eBay selling helmets
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    You can buy near porn on Ebay without a problem, but a decal is 'offensive'. Where did we go wrong.

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    "Near"? There's nothing near about it-it's anything goes as far as smut and porno of eBay...but a badge with a swastika? Heaven forbid...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    About a month ago I sold a NSDAP tunic on EBay. I didn't show the swastika on the armband but lots of photos showed the buttons and belt ramps. 11 swastikas on the tunic and it sold. Had about 20 people watching it and almost 200 views. Surprised when it didn't get pulled.

    Some original buckles have also sold recently but what surprised me was they are selling for 50-75% over market value.

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    Default Update

    After watching eBay for 2 weeks I noticed all the items I had saved under my watch page sold. So I listed 8 items, 4 at a time and 2 days apart . I am here to say eBay still does not allow TR items, all on mine were pulled by eBay. Of course they sent we a survey about their customer service, I will just say I was not nice.
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    80% blurred photos, 70% fake stuff, 60% cheap common "2cent" stuffs, 100% covered insigna,..

    check but few bets.
    There is so many good stuff outside EBay.

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    No eBay gestapo are alive and well. Suspended me over and over

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