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Why do you collect WW2 German helmets?

Article about: because i like them

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    Why do you collect WW2 German helmets?In the early 70's , my parents bought me the American Heritage Picture History of World War II. This photo started it all for me. I've always been a history buff and took great interest in my family's role in both world wars but it never occured to me until recently that i could own a piece of this history.

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    Quote by birkie View Post
    I could own a piece of this history.
    And That is what Collecting is All About!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I collect them because of all the different emotions that go through you when you just sit and stare at one and think about where its been, the crazy time in history it belonged too, and the poor soul who may have not had much of a choice but to put it on his head and fight/die for his country, to me thats better then any drug. and also they are just really cool!

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    I collect ww2 German helmets because they are a part of history that was very significant and things could have gone completely different ..for the worst. The reason I collect mainly german militaria is because it has a mistique and mysteriousness to it. It was only produced for a limited time and then demonized and destroyed in some cases. If these items are not preserved then I think people would never believe it ever existed..which would be dangerous. Many despite the items I own instead of respecting the history of it. If they had they're way they would most likely destroy and throw it in the garbage, as you can see in Gizmo's(Joe's) thread : ' finds in the garbage'. A friend of mine saw two teens walking around downtown, one with a falshirmjager helmet on and the other holding a ' Deustchland erwake' flag with pole. When my friend asked where they got the items, the kids replied," we saw it in a dumpster down the street"! Need I say more? German helmets are the epitome of German combat and are a symbol of what a young soldier in war, showing the wear and tear of the battlefield . I have a Luftwaffe SD m40 Q62 with a badly blood damaged liner, pooled blood in the dome and a corpse cut chin strap. The thought of what the poor soldat went through makes cringe but his memory is preserved through it every time I hold or look at it.

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