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winter camo shell opinion

Article about: The first place I look is the liner pin holes... That tells all you need to know on this one. Painted without the liner in=post war.

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    Default winter camo shell opinion

    Hello again,
    this time i would like to have your opinion about this winter camo helmet!
    i don't have many pictures, so i know it can be a little difficult to give a good opinion...
    but i know some people here have x-ray eyes so it can maybe be enough
    here we go !
    thank you
    best regards
    winter camo shell opinionwinter camo shell opinionwinter camo shell opinion

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    From the pictures supplied it looks as though it could be OK. I would think it would be difficult - but not impossible, to replicate this. But in hand it might look different again! I would ask for better pictures of the inside and out!
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    Pictures a blurry and it's hard to see but it looks a bit like spray paint but it could be ok, better pictures would be great.

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    Even from those pics its shows typical fake traits sorry not for me.


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    How can you tell that the originals?winter camo may be the toothpaste,lime ant more....

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    I think that the true colors are painted anew.why white over color that rust?

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    from under the white paint....I think things taken helmet excavated and re-painted with white paint
    sory my english bad

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    thank you for your answers
    so the problem is that there is rust under the white paint? it should mean that the helmet was a rusty relic repainted in white?

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    white wash was water based so you would expect a rusty patina no? ,to be honest i would walk away and save your money the red flag for me is the liner pin area is painted up to the hole this should show a ring of original paint where field applied over a complete helmet

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    it seems on the first picture that in the front of the helmet the rust is over the paint ?
    and what are the typical fake traits?

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